Clocking In and Out

Our company, Time Clock Wizard, is here to assist you and your business with all matters related to clocking in and out. Though the process has changed over the years and decades, the importance of appropriate scheduling and payments has not.

You should consider utilizing our cutting edge technology in order to keep up with all of your payroll needs.

You are certain to appreciate everything that this fine system has to offer. Just one of the benefits that multiple employees have favored is the ease with which they can use the system.

It accurately records the hours a person is logged in, including making certain that the appropriate department or job number is billed for the hours.

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Efficient Employee Tracking

The system that we offer is designed to minimize the amount of work that you will need to do in order to keep all of your payroll systems operating properly.

Our software is able to track everything that you need it to, including breaks, overtime and mileage. You can rest assured, knowing that you can sort out your results to look at each department or the workforce as a whole.

One Place For It All

When you or one of your employees logs in, the first thing you will see is the dashboard. This screen is easy to use and you can readily locate all of the information you require at a glance.

It will show your schedule, what hours you have worked during this pay period, and any requests that you have made.

Additionally it will alert you of upcoming birthdays and you can see where to actually clock in and out on this page.

Centralized Employee Requests Handled

You can also locate a time sheet request through Time Clock Wizard. Although nobody wants to make the mistake of forgetting to clock in or out, it does occur from time to time.

In the digital age, it requires a slightly different solution than the days gone by. If an employee discovers an error on their digital time sheet display, they can easily submit a correction request, including the reasoning for it.

A manager will review it and determine if it should be approved.


Those in managerial positions can easily use the software in order to find out who is on the clock and where they are supposed to be stationed. This can be a real time saver when an employee is needed quickly.

Clocking In and Out Accurately

There are times when an employee will need time off for various personal reasons. This software allows them to easily make the request and they will be provided with any managerial messages regarding the request.

Additionally, Time Clock Wizard can accrue absence time for employees based upon individual parameters or one that has been established for an entire group.

If you have employees that are not regularly available at certain times, for example while they are in school, you can ensure they are never scheduled during those times. Find out the best web time clock for you and the 8 best features of the best time keeping software!

Clocking in and out along with general scheduling requirements is simplified dramatically with Time Clock Wizard. You should consider using this incredible free solution for your business today with this trial!

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