Automated Time Clock

When it comes to running a business, you need valuable tools designed to make work easier. When it comes to tracking your employees, a top-notch automated time clock can make a tremendous difference. By implementing a well-designed system such as Time Clock Wizard, you can reduce the amount of time spent on creating and monitoring employee schedules, generating payroll, and keeping track of employee time on the clock.

This incredible tool does not require the installation of any software. Simply sign up online and enjoy the web application. You can manage your employees from virtually anywhere once logged into the system. This automated time clock uses 128-bit SSL encryption, the best firewalls, and hourly data backups. This company owns their servers, providing an additional layer of peace of mind for customers.

Customizable and Versatile Time Tracking

Time Clock Wizard allows you a great deal of customization, including keeping information on file for each of the users. You can also create your own login screen that has the company logo and a message you have written. If you round clock-in times to certain intervals, you can adjust the online time tracker to do this for you. You can round to the nearest tenth or quarter hour.

Use this automated system to create schedules by the day, week or month. You can also copy one and have it repeat in the next time period. If needed, you can make customizations to it such as bonus pay for working at a different office. A couple of mouse clicks allows you to send a notification to all of your employees once you have the schedule completed.

Switching Shifts Made Easy

One common issue regarding scheduling is when two employees wish to switch shifts. Taking the time to converse with two employees over the matter and making the changes yourself to the schedule uses up your valuable time. With Time Clock Wizard, employees can do this without bothering you. The person who wants the change simply sends the request to the other party. Once approved, the system automatically reflects those changes.

Simple and User-Friendly Dashboard for Employees and Managers

The dashboard is easy to understand and provides notifications such as upcoming employee birthdays and time change requests. At a glance, you can view who is currently working and other important data and information. You can set up the program to alert you via text message or email when employees clock in late or clock out early. Additionally, you can quickly see who is working, when their shift began and which location was used for clock in.

Time Clock Wizard is an Amazing Automated Time Clock

Using this time clock web application also simplifies payroll. Select the dates of the pay period and a complete report is generated for you. This will include data on overtime and employee compensation for things like mileage. You can customize the timesheet calculator according to your state’s laws regarding holiday and overtime pay. You can create detailed reports for your entire staff, simplifying your financial records even further. The amount of time you save on payroll is an incredible benefit you will gain from using Time Clock Wizard.

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