Best Web Based Time Clock

Tired of gimmicks and online software that advertises a free trial and the software is not supported? Time Clock Wizard is the best web based time clock available.

It’s a completely reliable and free resource with a wide range of features for easy employee scheduling. All you need to do is create an account, log in and take advantage of Time Clock Wizard’s functions.

It utilizes some of the most advanced technology out there for the collection, tracking and management of employee attendance, time, payroll and more.

It is exceptionally user-friendly, engineered from the ground up to suit the exact requirements of structured organizations.

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Time Clock Wizard starts with a dashboard where you access all information and view data at a glance. Here you will find pay period information, scheduling, payroll and settings.

Get alerts, visit the Help desk or view the user manual. Time Clock Wizard lets employees clock in and out, and put in requests to managers for time corrections.

Support for Management

With its advanced functionality, Time Clock Wizard gives management plenty of support. Managers can quickly see where and when employees are clocked in.

The platform allows the modification of employee schedules on a week-to-week basis and has features for absence requests and approval, which is added to the schedule automatically.

The software also allows for submission of reimbursement requests with an image receipt.

Accounting for Absences

Time Clock Wizard wouldn’t be the best web based time clock if it didn’t address absences.

Employees put in request and, upon approval, they are automatically added to the schedule with hours deducted from any sick or vacation time the employee is due.

The software also accrues absences and employee unavailability. This is done through a simple process of entering any time frame from hours to days into the system.

Easier Scheduling

Time Clock Wizard will update its system and will not let managers schedule employees when they are not available.

This is an exceptional tool that ensures management and employees are always on the same page when it comes to effective utilization of man power.

The Best Part of The Best Web Based Time Clock

To complement all features, Time Clock Wizard has an exemplary notification system. Managers can notify employees about schedules and schedule changes via email or text. Employees can use the system for switching shifts with one another.

Once both parties agree on the switch, Time Clock Wizard updates the schedule, ensuring effective communication across the board and avoiding confusion.

For payroll generation, expense notification security, auditing and time management, the best web based time clock is Time Clock Wizard. And, remember, it’s free to try. Sign up now.

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