Printable Timesheet Templates

Are Timesheet Templates the Answer to Your Payroll Frustrations?

Calculating payroll is obviously is obviously a huge part of doing business, but that doesn’t mean anyone likes doing it. This is especially true if you’re not equipped with the right tools you’re too busy with higher level tasks to give payroll the time the time it deserves.

Without the right tools, doing payroll is like throwing darts at a board while wearing a blindfold. From hours worked to manager verification and overtime, there can be so much information to track down that you end up doing what amounts to guesswork. And let’s not even get into what happens if you make a mistake. Doing payroll is one of those tasks that goes completely unnoticed until something goes wrong. Fortunately, Time Clock Wizard has a solution for the errors, frustration, and wasted time that too often doing payroll manually.

Timesheet Templates For Consistently Accurate Payroll

One way to avoid payroll problems like these is by using timesheet templates like the ones you’ll see linked to at the bottom of this page. A timesheet template is a simple software tool that calculates your employees’ salary for a specified period of time. To compute the employee’s totally pay for a particular time period, all you have to do is input the number of hours they worked and their hourly wage.

The timesheet template takes over from there. It totals the number of hours worked and multiplies it by the employee wage that you enter. It’s really that simple. Our timesheet templates come in three varieties: weekly, biweekly, and monthly. You can download these templates free of charge, but you should probably understand their limitations.

The Downside of Printable Timesheet Templates

Timesheet templates can be very helpful, especially for smaller companies with a limited amount of paychecks to prepare each or every other week. Unfortunately, they’re just not powerful enough to satisfy most companies’ payroll needs. Here are the most common problems that companies experience with manual timesheets:

  1. Human error. Although our timesheets do the calculations for you, there’s still a great deal of room for human error to creep in and make a payroll mess that’s nearly impossible to clean up. Whether these errors come from inputting the wrong number, using an inappropriate spreadsheet formula, or deleting the timesheet data by accident, they can lead to massive difficulties.
  2. Reported time vs actual hours worked. However much you trust your staff, there’s always the possibility of employee time theft and honest mistakes. Regardless of what causes these discrepancies, they can lead a number of negative outcomes.
  3. Manual timesheets don’t help with labor analyses. Even when processed correctly, spreadsheet or document timesheets aren’t particularly useful for assessing for what your people are actually accomplishing. Because they don’t store historical payroll data, it’s impossible to use timesheets to make meaningful comparisons or to help with staffing issues. A timesheet also can’t tell you what an employee was doing at a given time, nor in what location.

Timesheets have additional problems as well, but there three should give you a fair idea of why so many companies decide to go with an automated time tracking tool like Time Clock Wizard.

The Benefits of Using Time Clock Wizard’s Automated Time Tracking

Here’s the short version– you can eliminate these problems beforehand with the time tracking capabilities of Time Clock Wizard’s advanced software. Cloud-based, easy-to-use, and accurate to the second, our time tracking software makes payroll worries a thing of the past and renders manual timesheets obsolete.

Here are just some of the features that make Time Clock Wizard the top choice of thousands of companies just like yours:

–Gives managers the ability to track employee hours from multiple devices

–Lets you use GPS tracking to monitor employee location during working hours

–Allows employees to clock in from multiple locations or a centralized time clock

–Gives you the option of receiving push notifications if unauthorized clock-in/outs occur

–Generates editable timesheets automatically for easy integration into your payroll service

Time Clock Wizard has additional capabilities as well. A partial list would include features like photo and screen capture options to prevent employee time theft and correct honest mistakes. It also allows you to monitor employees at multiple locations for help with labor analysis. Last but not least, you can generate payroll, timesheet, and other reports with a single click. This allows you to view employee activity from a variety of perspectives and find problem areas easily.

Most likely, you can already see the time, money, and frustration you’ll save using our state of the art software. But you needn’t take our word for it. You can sign up for a free trial to see for yourself. We encourage you to download the free timesheets below and find out if they

provide an adequate solution. If not, please contact us right away to get started on the road to simplicity and hands-free payroll.

Versatile Timesheets That Fit How You Do Payroll

The daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly timesheet templates you see below will give you the  flexibility you need for adaptable payroll methods and accurate record keeping.

DAILY TIMESHEETS – Use these for an up-close look at employee hours worked

MONTHLY TIMESHEETS– Monthly timesheets are great for a wide angle view of labor costs and a quick look at monthly income

WEEKLY TIMESHEETS– Ideal for calculating labor costs and weekly payroll

BI-WEEKLY TIMESHEETS– Broaden the scope of your labor analyses with bi-weekly timesheets