Finding a Software Development Company to Turn the Theoretical into the Real

If a software development company is to succeed, it needs a vast cache of bleeding-edge tech knowledge and experienced teams who are bigger than the sum of their parts. If these things are in place, the software company could take one of your business’s ideas and turn into a tool that revolutionizes your industry. Finding [...]

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Virtual Assistant India: The Top 5 Companies Where You Can Find One

A virtual assistant India can help your company achieve its goals in a number of innovative and efficient ways. In this post, we’ll list five of the best companies that provide virtual assistants in India. After that, you'll be in a better position to find the help that you need.  Outsourcing Tasks to Virtual Assistant [...]

2019-10-08T13:21:36-04:00August 26th, 2019|

Five Types of Cyber Threats Small Business Should Watch Out for in 2019

Sometimes, it's good to be just a little bit paranoid. This is especially true for small business owners as they consider the types of cyber threats their companies will face in 2019. Unfortunately, small businesses ignore these threats with alarming frequency.  Needless to say, the price these companies pay for such neglect can be massive.  [...]

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Compliance and the Power of Information: Why a Good Record Keeping System Matters

An effective record keeping system is essential to running a successful business. In fact, it's almost impossible for a business to function without one. When it's done right, record keeping can be one of the most valuable management tools your company has. Record keeping is especially important for managing employee information. As such it's a [...]

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