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Schedule Employees with alternating work days, pay rates & reimbursements.


Track employee work hours accurately. Collect absences, late clock-ins & more.


Instant customizable mobile & email alerts to employees & managers.


Easily track employee time & generate payroll reports quickly.

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Our Free Time Clock App Tracks Employees On The Go

Fully supports the latest versions of iOS & Android operating systems.

Now, your staff can clock in from a single device and location, improving efficiency and accountability. Our technology transforms any tablet into a wall-mounted or desktop time clock.

Online Time Clock Software You’ll Love

Employee Scheduling

Intuitive employee scheduling with self management and attendance tracking features.

Employee Time Tracking

Track employee work hours, absences, late clock ins, PTO and all the important time sheet data.

Payroll Reporting

Customizable payroll reporting makes integrating with your existing accounting solutions a snap.

Expense Reimbursements

Track and even automate employee reimbursement requests. Highly customizable and easy to use.

PTO Reports

PTO Reports help verify payments, including OT, bonuses, and reimbursements.

Photo Capture

Photo verification at clock in, improving on-site customer support and employee fraud issues.

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Powerful Dashboard

Instant Notifications Directly To Your Mobile Device And Dashboard

Manage Employees On-The-Go

Know who’s coming and going even when you’re not at the office. Get instant push notifications when employees clock in and out. Send notifications reminding your team of important meetings or reminders.

Quick Execution With Pending Requests

Get Things Done Faster

Approve or deny employees’ time off, time changes, or schedule change requests in one place.

Powerful Daily Insights Using Who’s In Statistics

Know What To Expect

Keep track of employees with an all-inclusive and easy-to-navigate who’s in stats. See who’s clocked in vs. who’s scheduled, who’s absent, and more.

Trusted Time Card Overview

Accurate Time Keeping

Employees can review clock ins and outs with an easy-to-navigate time card. See total hours, total breaks, and total absences.

Payroll Forecasting With Simple Total Pay And Total Hours Graphs

Control Payroll Expenses

Adjust employee hours to stay within payroll budgets, see which employees are getting more overtime, and continue to create budgeting forecasts for your next employee schedule.

Robust Task Management. Assign & Organize To Do Lists

Streamline How You Use Time

Keep your team motivated and production flowing. Delegate, monitor, and succeed.

Unmatched Security

Keep Your Information Safe With:

  • User-based permissions allow for tight access control of key features.
  • Off-site data protection gives you the peace of mind that your business data is safe and secure.
  • User verification such as user-specific passwords, two-factor authentication, and photo capture.

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User Permissions For Every Level

Monitor and Control Every Detail


Can clock in/out, view schedule, make shift switch requests, receive messages from administrators, view current timesheet & more.


Like super admin, administrator will have full access right for managers and employees but cannot access business settings.

Super Administrator

Oversees the entire account along with all employees, managers, and business setting. The super admin has full access with no restrictions.

Quickbooks & Xero Accounting Syncing

Online Time Clock

Payroll Reporting

Sync with
QuickBooks Online & Xero

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