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Time Clock WizardEmployee Scheduling. Time Tracking. Task Management. Payroll Reporting.

Great Businesses Rely on Time Clock Wizard

Winning Businesses are Switching to Time Clock Wizard

Employee Scheduling

Time Clock Wizard is a world class, intuitive scheduling, free online time clock, and payroll solution. A simple design helps you create regular individual work schedules for your employees. Stay organized with smart color-coding for individual employee profiles, send schedules by SMS / email, add task reminders and keep track of payroll forecasts. Saving you time and money….More

Employee Time Tracking

Track employee work hours with to-the-minute accuracy. The online time clock can be accessed from any device or location that you permit. Review and export time sheets, manage PTO, absences, late clock-ins and more. Save time and money by reducing errors associated with outdated time tracking methods. Employees clock in, work their hours, clock out and are paid exactly what they are due….More

Payroll Reporting

Time Clock Wizard makes payroll a snap! Stay on top of your payroll permanently by using our customizable reporting. Easily save, print and export functions into your current accounting software. The payroll system dovetails beautifully with popular accounting programs like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, ZenPayroll and others. Seamlessly introduce Time Clock Wizard into your existing workflow with instant results…. More

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Task Management

Assign specific tasks to individual employees or teams with just a few clicks, fully integrated into the time clock. You can assign deadlines, and keep track of task progression in real time. Employees can also make their own notes and make team communication simple. The task management system will drastically improve your business’s efficiency….More

Android/IOS App

The Time Clock Wizard App offers enhanced mobility and GPS tracking. Employees can clock in and out on the move, manage their work schedules, and submit requests by using any authorized smart device. Managers can send push notifications, track employee locations, access payroll reports, schedules and more. NEW!!! Turn any tablet into a wall-mounted or desktop time clock! Users clock in and out using a 4 digit pin &… More

Photo Capture

Time Clock Wizard’s Photo Capture feature can be enabled by managers to require a snapshot of your employee upon clock-in. Combining the photo capture feature with the clock point feature, means that an employee must be at a certain location (IP Address) and have their picture taken upon clock in, ensuring that your employee is where they are supposed to be and eliminating buddy punches….More

Clock Points

Smart IP address recognition and geo location prevents employees from clocking in or out from unauthorized locations. Some employees can be authorized to clock in from the office only, while employees who require more mobility can be accurately tracked as to when and where they clock in from. No room for confusion, no difficult to sort through records….More


Time Clock Wizard’s reimbursement feature allows you to fully customize the allocation of business expense reimbursements per individual employees. Set it up once and it is automatically applied to every valid request. It also allows you to monitor and manage every reimbursement request in real time. You can even set it up to report on individual employee spending patterns over set periods….More

Great Businesses Rely on Time Clock Wizard

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What our clients say about Time Clock Wizard

I wanted to thank you for providing such a robust and professional employee time tracking service. We also appreciate the outstanding customer support!

Michael Mack, TasteBudsCatering.com

I love the service! It’s awesome! I highly recommend it to all small business owners.

Jeanne Kelly, ProtectYourGreen.com - Kelly Group Coaching, Inc.

Proves extremely beneficial in my place of employment and I love it!

Jessica Bouchez

For a small business owner, keeping track of employee scheduling and payroll processing used to be a manual and tedious process. Time Clock Wizard is a tremendous help. Awesome!

Lucas Q Satten - P.A, FloridaLuxuryHomeFinder.com

Excellent app! A must for every small business and every private person wishing to have control over how time is spent.

Ebrima Bah

Time Clock Wizard has made clocking in/out very easy. TCW has been a great success by giving me accurate times, and calculations of my daily hours. I would without a doubt recommend Time Clock Wizard to other businesses. Thank you.

Lisa Hinkle - Administrative Assistant, ST. James Missionary Baptist Church

Love this tool and it makes keeping track of time for our payroll clients (we’re accountants) that much easier. Keep up the good work!

Jared Rogers - CPA, Wilson Rogers & Company, Inc.

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