Web Based Time Clock

It’s a fast-paced world and things are changing all the time. A brick and mortar business is not the only way that companies are thriving today. In order to stay competitive, it means embracing change and advanced technology. Many business owners are promoting work from home positions. They have employees out on the road, traveling to remote locations. Businesses have requested a web based time clock system that is reliable and affordable.

Regardless of how your team is putting in hours for you, it’s vital that you keep track of their time. The traditional, wall-mounted time clock is becoming a thing of the past. With Time Clock Wizard, you can keep up to date with the latest information using a web based time clock. No matter where your employees are, they can clock in, clock out, check their schedule, request time off, view hours worked and more. It’s never been easier to have all of your time clock information available at your fingertips.

A Web Based Time Clock: The Sensible Option

When you opt for a web based time clock, you have a host of advantages:

• Accessibility

You can access employee time data anywhere and at any time.

• Enter Data Any Time Any Where

Your employees can enter their information when they get to a hotel conference, the moment they arrive at a meeting, or in their home office.

• Centralized Data

It’s much easier to pull up all of your time clock information at once.

• High Accuracy

Even if you are dealing with your employees on site on a daily basis, your web based time clock will give you a higher degree of accuracy. Have a computer station available for staff members to log in when they arrive and leave likewise at the end of a shift when you designate only certain computers as “Clockpoints” – or computers that allow clocking in online. If location is of no importance to your company, employees can access the web based time clock at their personal desks or from any device with internet and begin clocking hours.

• Easy To Use

View time and attendance records at the click of a button.

Time Clock Wizard is the Best Web Based Time Clock

You’ll no longer need to wade through a mountain of punch cards and paper employee schedule sheets. All of your information will be organized and available online. Use your mobile device, laptop or personal computer to view all of your time clock data. Discover who is always on time, who is habitually late, and if any of your employees have an attendance problem. You will have a more efficient business as you encourage your staff to be more productive. Use your time clock to motivate your workers and reward those who prove their dedication by their consistent performance.

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