Best Time Keeping Software

When you want to work with the best time keeping software, you’ll want to go to to get it. Here you’re going to learn why this is the best software to use so you can have the ability to better manage your time.

Time Clock Wizard is an online robust employee management system. The companies that use this software benefit from saving both time and finances. Even schools use it for attendance tracking.

Eight Awesome Features

You really should check out the reasons to have the best time keeping software accessible. Time is money, and there is are so many schedules to keep track of.

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, here is the original video for time keeping software.

1. Clockguard

Be sure that you know employees are working when they say they are. You’ll get a message in the form of an email or text if you have employees clocking into our out of work when they’re not scheduled to.

2. Employee Absences

Figure out when your employees have been absent in the past and set dates for them to be off of work in the future. There are seven categories to use in regards to what kind of absence you’re dealing with.

3. Gas Mileage

Do your employees travel? You can use this feature to track the miles that they are traveling and the system will calculate mileage pay.

4. Dashboard

This allows you to clock in or out with a simple click on the interface. You can use the dashboard to check on schedules, time records by selected time period, and you’ll notice alerts here from time to time.

5. Time Change Request Sheet

When your employees have an error on their online time log, this allows them to make easy corrections. The error is noted and a notification is automatically sent to the manager for approval.

6. Scheduling With The Best Time Keeping Software

Edit the schedule fast and easy. Employees from all over the world can log in and access the schedule. You’ll also be able to see payroll at a glance if you enter information on wages.

7. ClockPoints

Employees will be able to clock out and in from only permitted computers or IP addresses. (A requested feature for the best time keeping software.)

8. Payroll Management

Figure out how much people will get paid according to how much they’ve worked. You’ll find that you can track breaks and every nuance of the work day easily.

You Can Greatly Benefit From Our Online Time Management System

When you are able to better keep track of time, you reduce the amount of money you spend on paying people for time in which they aren’t working. Time that gets wasted costs employers a lot of money each year.

Also, if you don’t pay employees what they earned because you kept bad records and they can prove you aren’t compensating them properly, you could get into legal trouble. It is important to have an efficient attendance recorder.

Sign up now at and see what the best time keeping software is able to do for you. Once you implement the use of this web application, it can save you time and money.

Since it costs nothing for you to get started, head over to this free sign-up page right away!

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