Clocking In At Work

Before the existence of desktop computers and the internet, employers were required to manually check their employees’ clock in and clock out records. Clocking in at work doesn’t mean punching a timecard anymore. This process of manually monitoring everyone’s reliability was correctly viewed as being less efficient and typically resulted in reduced productivity. As a manager or employer, this method is also extremely time-consuming. Part of a supervisors daily hours were invested in checking their employees’ attendance, instead of being able to work on other more productive tasks.

This resulted in the evolution of the now old-fashioned, wall mounted punch clocks, which are unfortunately are still quite common. In fact, many business owners/managers still use these paper punch cards to record time in and time out of employees. Obviously, there are still several disadvantages to this type of employee time tracking.

Is Time Clock Wizard Reliable?

Firstly, it is simply not as reliable due to the required manual data entry when calculating payroll. Additionally, employees who are working in different locations can’t utilize this method. Considering the amount of paperwork and manual calculations, especially when a business has more than 20 employees, this can become costly and inefficient to say the least.

Today, with the help of modern programming technology and easily accessible internet access, Time Clock Wizard has developed an outstanding solution that everyone can take advantage of. Regardless of the size of your business, accurate and efficient tracking of employee time has never been more crucial.

What Makes Time Clock Wizard Different From Its Competing Programs?

1. Free To Use

Why spend hundreds of dollars every month on a software program when you can get even more advanced features using Time Clock Wizard?

2. Browser Based

No applications to download or run. Clocking in and out of work can be easily done with a browser. This means that you don’t have to worry about operating system restrictions. Staff members can log in from any of your pre-designated computers.

3. Automatic Payroll Generation

Payroll computation and generation is time-consuming – but with Time Clock Wizard, everything is done in a breeze.

4. Ability To Clock In Even When Outside The Office

This is one of the most important features that Time Clock Wizard has. Unlike other programs, one can only clock in whenever they are in front of a computer. The developer behind Time Clock Wizard knows how important it is to track other employees working outside the office.

Manage Employees Outside Of The Office

For instance, you may have office-based employees, home-based workers and sales agents that need to travel and meet with other clients to close a deal – how are you supposed to manage their clock-in and clock-out record? Time Clock Wizard is the best solution. Even if you’re operating a home-based business, you can monitor your employees’ productivity and reliability without having to rely on people’s word, or manual input of data.

For people who are working on-site or anywhere outside of an office, Time Clock Wizard provides mobile access. It even allows your employee to add mileage, which is an amazing feature especially if employers need to reimburse gas costs.

Use Time Clock Wizard For Clocking In At Work

Clocking in at work has significantly improved over the past few years. Now that Time Clock Wizard provides all the time tracking and employee scheduling solutions for businesses large and small, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

With Time Clock Wizard, clocking in at work is easier and more reliable than ever! Give it a try – you don’t even need a credit card to get started!

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