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Frequently Asked Questions

All Plans Have A 30-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

A Few Common Questions We Hear…

Absolutely! Our Free plan is great for any freelancer looking for basic time tracking. If you have a staff of 3 users or less this will be a great option for you and your team.

Absolutely. We never share your employees’ information with anyone. Ever.

Yes we have both an Android and an iOS app that our customers love and use daily. Did you know they support GPS based Clock Ins and Clock outs?

We do not cut any checks regarding payroll. However, we are a full-service Time Clock company that will allow you to run your payroll reports and send them to your processing company.
We offer live chat, phone, and email support.
When employees clock in/out, the device will capture a picture of the employee. This lets managers make sure colleagues are not using the “buddy” system to clock in/out for each other.

Yes We Do! Your Time Clock Wizard account will seamlessly sync all of your timesheet and payroll data directly to and from your Intuit QuickBooks Online Account, with the click of a button!

Yes! We currently offer a few options for employees to clock in/out at. You can setup a central computer or mobile device such as an iPad, for employees to clock in/out at. You can even use our desktop app that allows employee’s “quick clock-in” with a 4-digit pin.
No contract or obligation is required when signing up with TimeClockWizard. If you’re not going to be using your account, simply call us and close it. You can re-open it whenever your business starts up again.

We sure do! Check out our pricing page for all our plans and what features are included. You’ll be surprised with what you can get for such a small monthly fee.

We will always have a free version available to all our clients with 3 or less users.

Yes! You can access Time Clock Wizard from any device with internet access. That includes mobile devices, computers, laptops, iPads, and tablets.

No, we do not calculate your state’s payroll taxes.

We offer both! Once you register for your free account, you will have access to all of our video tutorials, which are conveniently displayed on the corresponding pages inside your dashboard. In addition to video tutorials, you can schedule a free call with one of our account specialists, who can help you set up your account, and answer any questions you may have.

We sure will! Please contact us to get the process started.
Our Free plan offers up to 3 users. However, you can have access to all of our Professional features with unlimited users for a small monthly fee.
Yes! Our system has the ability to set up multiples Time zones.

Note: All employees must be clocked out to change the timezone

To set up this option please go to business settings> company profile> scroll down where it says: Do all your employees work in the same time zone?(select”no”)> scroll down and save.

To select the time zone for the employees, please go to The employee tab> select the employee> employee profile>scroll down Where it says: Time Zone(select the time zone)> save.

Absolutely! Our mobile app includes push notifications that you can set for many events. It’s a free download and is available for Android and iOS devices.

What our clients say about Time Clock Wizard

Time Clock Wizard has made clocking in/out very easy. TCW has been a great success by giving me accurate times, and calculations of my daily hours. I would without a doubt recommend Time Clock Wizard to other businesses. Thank you

Lisa Hinkle, ST. James Missionary Baptist Church

Love this tool and it makes keeping track of time for our payroll clients (we’re accountants) that much easier. Keep up the good work!

Jared Rogers, Wilson Rogers & Company, Inc.

I wanted to thank you for providing such a robust and professional employee time tracking service. We also appreciate the outstanding customer support!

Michael Mack, TasteBudsCatering.com

For a small business owner, keeping track of employee scheduling and payroll processing used to be a manual and tedious process. Time Clock Wizard is a tremendous help. Awesome!

Lucas Q Satten, FloridaLuxuryHomeFinder.com

I love the service! It’s awesome! I highly recommend it to all small business owners.

Jeanne Kelly, Kelly Group Coaching, Inc.

Proves extremely beneficial in my place of employment and I love it!

Jessica Bouchez

Excellent app! A must for every small business and every private person wishing to have control over how time is spent.

Ebrima Bah

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