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Cutting-Edge Time Clock Wizard Features

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Time Tracking

Easily track employee time from multiple devices.

Time Clock Wizard has spent thousands of hours developing the easiest and most accurate online employee time clock system in the world. Our features include the ability to control where, when and what device your employees can use to clock in. Managers have the ability to edit clock-ins and clock-outs, as well as the option to round to the nearest minute or more.

Managers can also opt to receive real-time notifications, via text or email, when unscheduled clock-ins or clock-outs are attempted.

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Forget spreadsheets and create a full staff schedule in just 10 minutes.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Time Clock Wizard offers the best employee scheduling solution on the web! It’s perfect for businesses of all sizes. Our easy-to-use interface gives managers the ability to create daily, weekly or monthly schedules for employees.

Employees can request shift changes and even switch their shifts with co-workers, right through their dashboard! Additional features include the ability to use Paid Time off benefits, Request vacation time, view their current work schedule and so much more.

All-inclusive Reports

It’s like an entire payroll department, right in your pocket.

Payroll Reports

PAYROLL REPORTS help verify payments, including OT, bonuses, and reimbursements.

Timesheet Reports

TIMESHEET REPORTS examine general clock-in and clock-out times, plus GPS locations and employee notes

PTO Reports

PTO Reports help verify payments, including OT, bonuses, and reimbursements.

Schedule Reports

SCHEDULE REPORTS outline who works when, today and in the future

Employee Contact Reports

EMPLOYEE CONTACT REPORTS view and updated phone numbers, addresses, etc. for your workforce.


DOWNLOAD All reports may be exported as Excel, CSV, Word, HTML, and PDF files.

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Convenient Mobile Apps

Track employee time wherever you go.

Our mobile apps empower managers with all the capabilities of Time Clock Wizard when they’re away from their computer.

Available on Google Play and in the iTunes store.

Upload expense receipts, sync to your web-based account, and send mobile push notification to one or more employees right from your smart phone.

NEW!!! Turn any tablet into a wall-mounted or desktop time clock! Users clock in and out using their unique 4 digit pin code. Perfect for placing on a break room wall, or the front desk of your office. Now it’s easier than ever to implement Time Clock Wizard in any workplace!


Tools you’ll love and use everyday.

Photo Capture

DEMAND HONESTY IN YOUR TIMEKEEPING Remote time management can tempt employees to manipulate the system leaving you in the dark about your operation and costing you money.

Photo capture encourages honesty in the time reporting system by requiring employees to submit a photograph of themselves when they clock in or out. Know exactly who is clocking in and out, preventing “buddy punches” and other sneaky tactics.


KNOW WHO’S WORKING EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY Stay on top of all employees on all shifts in real time.

Clock Guard protects your payroll budget by alerting managers whenever employees begin or finish their shifts. Every clock-in and clock-out is automatically sent to a designated phone number by SMS/text message. The notes marking when employees clock in late or clock out early are particularly useful for time tracking and for supporting disciplinary action.


ALWAYS KNOW WHERE ON-THE-CLOCK EMPLOYEES ARE LOCATED Monitoring employees can be difficult when companies use off-site employees or managers.

Clockpoints can serve as a manager’s eyes and ears even if an employee is hundreds of miles away. This feature is a powerful management tool because it combines a smart phone’s GPS and IP recognition capabilities to report an employee’s location when he clocks in or out. Restrict your employees’ location permissions to ensure that no one clocks in or out unless they are right where they are supposed to be.


EASILY MANAGE TIME AT MULTIPLE VENUES Not all businesses operate out of a single location.

Our locations feature allows managers to establish several locations (such as Warehouse, Call Center, or multiple storefronts) and more easily track the time assigned to each venue’s operation. Employees simply select their working location at the clock-in screen to bill their hours to the appropriate location.


LOOK SMART AND PROFESSIONAL When it comes to your business, appearances do matter.

Proper branding across all mediums can have a strong impact on employee relationships as well as customer relationships. With Time Clock Wizard, you can easily customize your account’s login screen to display your logo. Including your logo creates consistency, boosts your company’s credibility and serves as a useful reminder for your employees that it’s time to get to work.

100% Web Based and Mobile Friendly

NO SOFTWARE INSTALL This means you can sit down at any computer, running any operating system, and have full access to your Time Clock Wizard account. Try and do that with a traditional time clock!

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Task Management

Forget spreadsheets and create a full staff schedule in just 10 minutes.

Whether your employees work remotely, in-house, independently, or part of a team, our built-in Task Management System will ensure that they stay on track and accomplish their goals. Managers can assign tasks to individuals or entire groups and can create due-dates.

Employees can notate the tasks, upload files, and communicate with others assigned to the same task. Managers can view the status and progress of the task, including the amount of employee time spent on the task.


Enterprise class security & IT controls provide peace of mind.

User Verification Anywhere in The World

Enforce your company’s permissions policies and avoid headaches by preventing intentional or accidental access to confidential controls and reports.

User verification features include user-specific passwords, two-factor authentication, photo capture, and employee directory integration.

User-based Access Parameters

Provide low level users access to only the tools and information that they need while allowing management and other authorized personnel broader access.

User-based access features include dedicated venue settings, multiple user groups, and task assignments.

Offsite Data Protection

Enforce your company’s permissions policies and avoid headaches by preventing intentional or accidental access to confidential controls and reports.

User verification features include user-specific passwords, two-factor authentication, photo capture, and employee directory integration.

More Time Clock Wizard Features

Employee Scheduler

Flexible software that eliminates scheduling gaps and keeps everyone where they need to be.

Bloated labor costs, staff shortages, and the frustration of opportunities lost– anyone who manages people has experienced the nightmare scenarios that poor schedules can cause. Fortunately, Time Clock Wizard has the perfect solution to all these dilemmas and more. With our free, easy to use employee scheduling software, you can prevent problems you thought you’d never be able to solve.

Our scheduling software can create a work world where everyone is where they’re supposed to be. Easily customized to fit your constantly shifting needs, our employee scheduler gives you the flexibility to make last minute staff changes with ease and provides the bird’s eye view that every manager needs. Learn more about employee scheduling.

Employee Scheduling Software

With simplicity and clarity on its side, our scheduling software is a winning proposition across the board.

A perfect schedule is no longer a pipe dream with Time Clock Wizard’s sophisticated but simple employee scheduling software. Designed to solve both sides of the employer/employee equation, it takes the pain out of schedule creation and keeps everyone informed on where they need to be.

For managers, it’s the common sense interface that makes our scheduling software so appealing. Highly intuitive, it lets you build the ideal schedule in just a few minutes and from anywhere in the world. And your staff will love this cloud-based software just as much as you do. Not only will it let them view their entire schedule within second, it also lets them request changes from a shared and centralized place. View our Employee Scheduling Software.

Employee Time Tracking From Every Perspective

Keep everyone on task with the most versatile time tracking software available.

When punch clocks became obsolete, Time Clock Wizard set out to make the best employee time software on the market. One look at it’s simplicity, scope, and range of features will tell you how they succeeded. It began with a simple set of goals– to track employee hours accurately under any conditions, to expand management’s ability to oversee operations, and to ensure that employees get paid for every minute they work.

Then, they piled on a number of uniquely dazzling features. With its photo and screen capture option, our time tracking software can help prevent employee time theft and locate inefficiencies. It can also monitor employees who are working in different locations. This list could go and on, but the best way to get acquainted with these features is sign up for a free trial. Thirty days is more than enough time to realize that Time Clock Wizard’s flexible time tracking software represent a vision completed. Learn about Employee Time Tracking.

Expense Reimbursement

Expense Reimbursement Software

Increase accuracy and reduce work-stopping clutter with a tool that takes the stress out of expense reiumbursement.

When it’s time to reimburse employees for work-related expenses, far too many managers get overwhelmed with piles of crumpled receipts, grumpy employees, and numbers that just don’t make any sense. In fact, this is something that HR and payroll managers have dealt with years.

It’s also why Time Clock Wizard created expense reimbursement software that puts this all-too-familiar mess behind you. Easy to use, accurate and paper-fee, this accessible software boasts the all the slick features you need to get everyone paid on time and keep even the accountants happy. Learn more about Expense Reimbursement Software.

Payroll Reports

Manage payroll more efficiently in a fraction of the time.

There was a time when consistent payroll difficulties were inevitable. Fortunately, Time Clock Wizard’s payroll report software can help you change all that. Our advanced, cloud-based payroll software can eliminate at least three of these nagging difficulties right off the bat. Before we get to the immediate benefits of our software, let’s have a quick look at how it used to be.

There was a time when even small to medium-sized companies had to have a dedicated payroll person or team. Needless to say, this was both time-consuming and very expensive. Human error played huge role back then as well, leading to additional lost time, systemic inefficiencies, and one angry employee after another. Aren’t you glad you have a simple solution to all this now? Give Time Clock Wizard’s payroll report software to find out just how much better it can be. See our Payroll Reports.

PTO Tracking Software

Gain an aerial view of your staff’s PTO accrual with cloud-based software that’s customized to meet your particular needs.

Keeping track of your employee’s paid time off is a critical management function, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. This is especially in today’s digital workplace. More companies utilize remote teams than ever before and workers are much more likely to work in multiple locations. Needless to say, these dispersed teams make the already challenging task of PTO tracking even more difficult than it was before.

Fortunately for everyone involved, however, the solution to these problems is no longer a mere hypothetical. With Time Clock Wizard’s PTO tracking software, the solution to these nettling problems is in action today. Companies all over the world are applying this solution even as we speak. Isn’t it time for you to settle on a solution too? Learn more about PTO Tracking Software.

Time Tracking With Screenshots

Time Clock Wizard has an easy way to keep tabs on how your employees are spending their work day.

Making sure that employees are staying on task is a perennial management challenge. The same holds true for the difficulties involved in managing workflow. Worse still, the rising popularity of remote teams has made of these tasks even more difficult. This might seem discouraging at first glance, but what if you had a simple piece of technology that could help you with both?

Obviously, this is a rhetorical question. Any manager would be thrilled to be able to prevent employee time theft and optimize workflow with single, easy to use tool. Fortunately for you, this isn’t just some manager’s impossible fantasy. With Time Clock Wizard’s time tracking with screenshots, you can make sure you get an honest day’s work out of your employees and optimize their workflow right from your mobile device. Learn about Time Tracking With Screenshots.

Timesheet Reports

View the exact employee time tracking data you need in one accessible location.

There’s one thing we’re completely sure of– Time Clock Wizard’s timesheet reports represent a quantum leap from the employee time tracking tools you’ve used in the past. They give managers a quick but comprehensive view of employee hours worked, as well as an easy way to see what they accomplished. Just as importantly, our timesheet reports can present this data from whatever perspective you need.

Another reason our timesheet reports represent a break from the past is the variety of dazzling features they offer. From quick searchability to real time delivery of time tracking data, Time Clock Wizard’s timesheet reports have all the tools your company needs to make accurate estimates and hold your people accountable. Learn more about out Timesheet Reports.

Timesheet Software

Increase the visibility of your company with the most advanced timesheet software on the market.

In order to be effective in the business world of today, timesheet software has to sophisticated, adaptable, and simple to use. That’s why so many successful companies use Time Clock Wizard’s impressive time tracking software. There’s simply no other tool that lets managers monitor their employees’ time and productivity so effectively.

Perhaps most importantly, our timesheet software provides time tracking data you can trust. With its GPS and photo capture capabilities, this software helps prevent employee time theft and facilitates high-powered labor analysis. Learn about our Timesheet Software.

Employee Shift planning

Employee Shift Planning

Dynamic Shift Planning Software That Adapts to Changing Conditions

With Time Clock Wizard’s employee shift planning software doing the work for you, allocating your most valuable resource has never been easier. This holds true no matter what industry you’re in or how many people are working for you at a given time. Our shift planning software is also available on all your favorite devices.

Combine all this with its easy integration of new hires and you’ll see how Time Clock Wizard takes attendance problems and short staffing out of the scheduling equation. Sign up for a free trial today and you’ll realize that your search for truly effective scheduling is finally over. Learn more about Employee Shift Planning.

What Our Customers Have To Say:

As our business was growing day by day, scheduling the time sheets has became really very time consuming. Time Clock Wizard services has changed everything. All our employees just love the tracking time, and the scheduling module which helped me to keep the management up very easily!!
Tommie Williams
Time Clock Wizard is without doubt, the best time tracking software on the whole payroll process has been reduced to about 20 minutes, and most of that is spent signing checks and envelope stuffing.
Vivienne Callaghan
I love Time Clock Wizard! Their service department has impressed me the few times whenever I've needed to contact them -- they even incorporated a change in the interface that I had submitted and has also sent a thank you note. Time Clock Wizard is an integral part of my service business. I am really very happy using these services!!
Jessica Taylor
I used this program at a design studio to keep track of hours per client. It was simple and easy to clock in and clock out for each client. I used this all day every day during my time at this position and wouldn't have been able to function without it. At the end of every week the company would print the reviews compiled by Time Clock Wizard and would review hours for each client and each employee.
Sidney Villarreal
We had a computer crash and I had to reload everything. One of the customer representatives was great at helping me get Time Clock Wizard connected back with our books. It was a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable and friendly.
Zoe Jackson
I appreciate such an amazing app that saves my time that I was spending on calculating my worked hours and the payroll as well. Time clock Wizard also help to track the in and out time automatically which is suitable both for employee and employer.
Luke Anderson
Time Clock Wizard is everything timesheet management software should be! Easy to learn and navigate and accurate! Makes finalizing payroll and monitoring employee attendance a breeze!
Colin Dickens
We love that our timekeepers can add their daily hours to the Time Clock Wizard in real time (both on the desktop and mobile app platforms) and with such ease. Great app!!
Stephen Coleman
I like that I can run a variety of reports to look at data from different perspectives. I like the ease of tracking time on jobs. Customer service was spectacular. I used the live chat feature and my problem was solved in seconds! I appreciate the level of approvals available. I appreciate that my supervisors can run their own reports whenever they need, freeing me up to do other things.
Pippa Metcalfe


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