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Time Clock App for Employees

Whether you run a small business with a few employees or a large company with thousands, you can save labor hours and payroll dollars by utilizing an online time clock app for your employees. These applications can benefit any business type. Cut Timekeeping Expenses Many of today’s online time clock applications allow your timekeeping information [...]

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How Much is Minimum Wage?

The Current Minimum Wage Rates Prior to enacting the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938, the United States didn’t have a minimum wage. Employers could pay their workers whatever rate they chose. Since enacting the law, however, the federal and state governments have dictated a minimum wage to employers. While the least acceptable wage is established [...]

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Employee Schedule Maker: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

What Should You Look For In An Employee Schedule Maker? Managing your business is an undertaking filled with annoyances, paperwork, responsibilities. And crafting your employees’ schedules will obviously seem like an endless task to add to the pile. Scheduling employees can sometimes turn out to be a full-time position. Either you must manage employees who [...]

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