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Human Resource Management

Companies increasingly want skills that are hard to evaluate during an individual job interview but manifested in teamwork settings. Traditionally, hiring has been a piecemeal process where Human Resource Management and Departmental Management bringS individuals on board one at a time depending on the available openings. A few courageous companies are diverting from this traditional [...]

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Setting up Direct Deposit for Your Paycheck

Direct Deposit A direct deposit is a convenient payment option that allows an automatic scheduled electronic transfer from one party directly to your checking or savings account. The most common uses for direct deposit are salary payments, government benefits, pensions, investment payments, and tax refunds. Some people still prefer a traditional paper paycheck but the [...]

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What is Supplemental Life Insurance?

As a component of the employee benefits package, most companies offer supplemental life insurance or other ancillary coverage. Some examples include life, disability, vision or even dental insurance. Many workers in the USA today have supplemental or additional life insurance benefits available through the employer for either little or no charge. This life insurance is [...]

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