Workload management software is a tool that companies use to make schedules, resolve conflicting deadlines and create an efficient process for employees. Businesses are surprised at the return on investment with software that manages employees this way.

In the 1970s, businesses started using computers for large calculations like payroll. IBM software recorded to punch cards or tape wheels. The ability to recall data was cumbersome. It is no wonder smaller companies just used paper time sheets to calculate payroll.

In order to have efficient plan schedule management, you need workload management software like Time Clock Wizard. Read more about the importance of standard operating procedures.

What is Workload Management Software?

Making informed decisions about the level of workforce needed every day is made easier with online management tools.

Because your workforce schedule is concentrated on a convenient dashboard, it makes it easy to get a quick overview of your operations at any time.

When customers started using Time Clock Wizard, there were surprises. One of the unexpected benefits is that it is easy to re-assign employees to different areas of the job site as needed.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

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This reduction in wasted downtime labor hours and the ability to do batch scheduling were  key factors for meeting projected labor force goals.

What is Batch Job Scheduling?

Batch scheduling is typically a hands-off process in which events trigger the schedule management. You may know of “If this, then that“process arrangements.

Time Clock Wizard is a hands on and convenient way to do mass scheduling. This gives management and human resources the best ability to easily schedule staff, make changes and notify employees. The benefit is easing conflicting deadlines.

Unlike typical batch systems, Time Clock Wizard allows for employees to check on their own schedule, request time off and request to exchange days with another employee.

How to manage conflicting Deadlines

Business have moving parts. Sometimes projects get delayed or work ahead of schedule. When this happens, sometimes labor is required to be in two places at once.

Time Clock Wizard has some features that can help out with conflicting deadlines.

The ability to leave notes for employees is helpful. For example, when your employee logs back in from their break, a note could appear to them to: Switch to project B for the afternoon only.

It is good to have a mix of tasks available for employees that include routine items, tasks that are tied to deadlines and no more than 3 priority items at a time.

How to manage workload of Employees

An important thing to remember is that the manager in charge of employees sets the standards. Creating and maintaining standards makes it easier for employees to do their jobs efficiently.

Time Clock Wizard helps out with maintaining standards by having an intuitive interface that all employees interact with.

An employees time is just as important as a manager’s time. Make sure that employees have blocks of uninterrupted work time to get tasks done. Also, make sure to have a set of problems that warrant input from other team members before calling a meeting.

Outsource repetitive tasks that can be completed efficiently somewhere else at a better price. It is important to ask employees if they are running into repetitive tasks that is getting in the way of more productive time.

Time Clock Wizard increases ROI for Workload Management Software

When you are able to make and post batch schedules for your employees using Time Clock Wizard, employees will be able to check their schedule online. This frees up the bottleneck caused by employees coming into physically check their schedule.

This is a terrific six sigma project to see how much better customers react to the increased service. You can try Time Clock Wizard for free: Try TCW now!

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

Discover Time Clock Wizard Now!