Employee Shift Scheduling In an Hour or Less

Don’t mess around. Organize shifts the smart way.

Online Shift Planning Software for Today’s World

The Time Clock Wizard shift scheduler uses cloud-based, scalable technology that makes shift planning easy, whether you have one employee or a thousand. It’s also the perfect complement to our employee time clock. With instant employee communication and ultimate flexibility, there’s no reason to use any other planner.

Give Me the Smart Solution!

A Shift Scheduler for All Devices

Everybody has their favorite mobile device, and TCW works with them all! Find our app in your go-to app marketplace, or use it on your desktop computer. Quickly integrate new employee schedules with your personal calendars on iCal, Outlook, or Google Calendar, so that all your plans are in one place.

Start Building Employee Schedules Today

TCW lets you create a schedule with clout.

Miss Exactly Zero Shifts

In today’s world, Time Clock Wizard’s shift planner is the tool every smart business owner needs. With on-the-go access, real-time updates, and employee alerts, your team will always have the most current roster in arm’s reach. That means less confusion and fewer no-shows.

“I Tried 3 Other Shift Planners. Time Clock Wizard Is the Best – Period.”

Customers agree. Our shift work software checks all the boxes.

Designed for businesses with shift-based scheduling like yours in mind, we implemented a customizable interface, comprehensive operations reports, and schedule duplication. Our shift planner was created with simplicity and power that all managers love.

We know you’ll love it too!

Get 24/7 Access to the Shift Work Calendar

9-to-5 is for wimps. In today’s world, there are no “business hours.” You need to staff your team in a moment’s notice. That’s why our shift scheduler is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Mid-day or midnight, it doesn’t matter. Create new schedules or edit old ones at mid-day or at midnight. It’s up to you.

Super Simple Shift Work Schedules

We believe that good software just makes sense. Complicated programs cause too much stress and waste too much time.

Our shift scheduler isn’t like that.

You don’t want some fancy program with bells and whistles whose only purpose is to make more noise. Time Clock Wizard’s shift organizer has muscle without all the fluff. It requires no installation and no training whatsoever. With intuitive design and obvious features, our online shift scheduler will have you finishing shift rosters on day one!

Hold Employees Accountable

Everybody knows that sometimes things just come up. Now, employees can manage their own unexpected absences by sending schedule shift requests directly to their co-workers. Once the co-worker and manager approve the switch on their apps, the change is immediately reflected on the shift work calendar.

Plus, you still get Clockguard, Photo Capture, and GPS tracking on all employees, so your team can never pull any punches.

Bottom Line: Streamlining Shift Planning Makes You Money

Most business decisions come down to dollars and cents, so we’re going to make this easy for you. Time Clock Wizard’s shift planning software lets you make the shift work calendar in minutes, not hours. And every hour you spend on the employee schedule costs your business money. That’s because your time is better spent on more important things!

We speed things up by:

Putting your scheduling and time tracking software in one place

Allowing you to quickly duplicate previous schedules

Providing intuitive features that don’t leave you asking questions

Sending the finished calendar to all employees’ phones

Find out more about Time Clock Wizards powerful features here.