HR Project Topic List

If you are working on a summer project for your MBA or need to complete a belt during your Six Sigma classes, you need this HR project topic list.

Time Clock Wizard (TCW) is making this available to you because we are confident that you’ll find that using our online time clock will make for a data-rich, quality study for your project.

This article is meant to start the process of brainstorming what you’d like to do for your project.

Six Sigma Green Belt Project Examples

Time Clock Wizard is a time clock app good source for your green belt project for these reasons:

  1. Time Clock Wizard can improve an existing time clock process – especially if your company is using punch machines and time cards, still.
  2. TCW can improve customer complaints of employees not being at their places on time.
  3. Our time clock set up attacks waste issues – like the loss of time when an employee walks to and from the time clock.
  4. TCW attacks cycle time as the number of employees that can clock in simultaneously goes up, managers can make corrections faster and employees can switch shifts efficiently.
  5. Time Clock Wizard does not cost as much as the paper time cards your employer may be using.
  6. You can create a green belt-like project by treating your employees like the customers to your time clock service.

HR Project Topic List

Below are the most common issues that affects human resources and employee management:

    • Law of the Individual
      • Consent
      • Privacy
      • Employee versus Contractor (Fair Standards Labor Act)
    • Law of the Group
      • “At Will” (Labor)
      • NLRB (Labor)
      • ADA (Disabilities/Discrimination)
      • EEOC (Affirmative Action/Discrimination)
    • Payroll and Attendance
      • Base Wage Rate
      • Timesheets and Time Cards
      • Travel Pay
      • Overtime
      • Time and a Half
      • Holiday Pay
      • Personal Growth Pay
      • Payroll Errors
    • Employee Benefits
      • 401(K)
      • Matching Contributions
      • Company Bank/Credit Union/Credit Cards
    • Time On
      • Job/Task Assignment
      • Trading Schedules
      • Meetings
      • Trade Conferences
      • Continuing Education
      • Off-Hour Parties
    • Time Off
      • Scheduled Time Off
        • Vacation
        • Military Duty
        • Jury Duty
        • Medical Appointments
        • Other Appointments
      • Unscheduled Time Off
        • Sleep Through Alarm Cock
        • Vehicle Transportation Issues
        • Sickness/Family Emergency
        • Bereavement Leave/Funeral
        • Work-related Accidents
        • Inclement Weather
    • No Time Clock
    • Manual Punch
    • Bio-metric Scan
    • Online Time Clock
    • Personal Issues
      • Employee Expectations
        • Disgruntlement
        • Envy
      • Addiction/Alcoholism
      • Domestic Violence
    • Personnel Issues
      • Workplace Harassment
        • Workplace Bullying
        • Zero Tolerance
      • Absententeeism
      • Time Clock Misuse
        • Buddy Punch
        • Clocking in Early/Late
        • Sleeping on the Job
        • Missed Punches
    • Job Description
      • Job Scope
      • Specialization
      • Job Design
      • Satisfaction
    • Recruiting
      • Recruitment Policies
      • Recruitment Process
      • Channel Recruitment
      • Employee and Association Referrals
    • Job Application
      • Abandonment Rates
      • Applicant Tracking System
    • Background Checks
      • Fair Credit Reporting
      • Criminal Background Check
      • Social Security Number Verificiation
    • Time Clock Training
    • Safety Training
    • Policies and Procedures
      • Employee Handbook
      • Open Door
    • Performance Management
      • Performance Appraisal
      • Appraisal System
      • Competency Mapping
    • Attrition
    • Turnover
    • Change Management
    • Overall Purpose
      • Joy at the Workplace
      • Areas of Stress
      • Areas for Motivation and Empowerment
      • Ways to Increase Engagement
      • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Employee/Management Surveys
      • Entry Survey
      • Employee Engagement Survey
        • Creating Unhappiness with Status Quo
        • Define Compelling Vision for Future
        • 360 Survey for Everyone
      • Exit Survey
      • Customer Survey
      • Vendor Survey
    • Overall Focus
      • Customers First
      • Stakeholders First
      • Employees First
    • Community Service
      • Good Steward
      • Giving Back

What is your Goal using this Time Clock App?

The staff here at Time Clock Wizard are wanting to give you the best experience with employee engagement. With the recent changes in labor law, it is more important than ever to have a time clock system that can time stamp your employees clock in and out times.

At the same time, we want to help people with advancement in their careers. The blog posts going forward are going to discuss human resource, employee management and education challenges.

Please share this post with others as it will be a hub for blog posts in the future. Consider this post like a table of contents in progress. Feel free to ask questions about Time Clock Wizard.

Thank you so much.

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