As a manager, it is convenient to see who is pre-scheduled for the day with just a few clicks. In this article, there is the video and transcript for reminding you how to use these Time Clock Wizard features.

It is important to make sure that employees are scheduled appropriately.

Employers are looking for ways to better serve their employees. Or at least, keep out of trouble with any governmental labor board.

Here are some of the most common employee complaints about schedules:

  • Employers not paying attention to high-traffic times.
  • Changing the schedule without notice.
  • Dropping employee shifts too close to actual work time.
  • Being scheduled for more than one location at the same time.
  • Employers making staying over a scheduled shift time mandatory without prior consent.
  • Dismissing complaints about schedule as trivial without an investigation.
  • Shifts that rotate awkwardly so employee really cannot get proper sleep.
  • Needing to come into the workplace to view schedule.

It is very important to keep employees happy with their schedule. The more way employees can help you manage the schedule, the better.

Employees have 24/7 access

The terrific feature set of Time Clock Wizard make it easy for employees to check their schedule at their convenience.

When you take into consideration the time and travel costs for employees to come into the office to check their schedule, it may not directly affect your bottom line.

However, it does affect your employee’s attitude and impression of the workplace.

Viewing Pre-Scheduled Employees

Melissa Ruy, a terrific representative of Time Clock Wizard, has created the video below to help you get a quick view of your scheduled employees.

If you are looking to learn how to create the employee schedule in Time Clock Wizard, see the tutorial about our Employee Scheduler.

Hi everyone. It’s Melissa with Time Clock Support and I’m going to go over how to view your scheduled employees for the current day.

Using Schedule Tab

So I’m on our schedule page and I got here by clicking the Schedule Tab.

I’m going to go ahead and click “Show All Employees” to see who is scheduled. I can locate today and see which employee’s are scheduled for today.

Using Day View

You can also click the Day View.

You’ll see here, it’s May 26th 2016 and these are the employees that are scheduled today.

View Pre-Scheduled employees with Ease

If you guys have any questions please feel free to contact us on our support Tab and we’ll be happy to help you. Have a great day.

Time Clock Wizard is available to try out for free. This is online software application that your employees can use to reach their information from any location with internet access.

One of the cool features of Time Clock Wizard is that you can write a note to your employees within Time Clock Wizard. This is a extremely helpful feature that allows managers to direct employees better from one location.

For example, Human Resources have paperwork for employees to sign at irregular time frames. A quick reminder to the employee to take care of their paperwork can save the energy of both managers and human resource staff.

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