Best Free Timesheet Software

How do you know if you have the best free timesheet software for your needs? As a business owner, you have to make sure that your employees are maximizing their time. Employees should be doing everything that they are supposed to do while at work.

In today’s highly technological era, you now have the advantage of automatically managing your employees’ time, while ensuring that they remain productive.

What Is The Best Free Timesheet Software?

If you are still manually checking your employees’ attendance, you should seriously reconsider this. You may want to use an automated timesheet program such as Time Clock Wizard.

It does more than just time management – everything that you need from an online time clock is packed in one powerful program, and here are the reasons why:

Ease of Use

Setting up a timesheet for your entire company to use has never been this easy. You don’t need to be a tech wizard or computer programmer to learn how Time Clock Wizard works. The platform is straight-forward in the layout because it was built by employee managers like yourself.

Efficient Dashboard

Upon signing in, the first thing that you see is your dashboard. The dashboard displays the information you need for quick decision-making.

This is where you can view your:

  • Employees’ attendance
  • Manage their timesheets
  • Alter weekly schedule
  • Check who is currently clocked in or off

The dashboard is one of the best features of Time Clock Wizard. It is like having your own personal assistant manage the data.

The dashboard is an amazing feature of Time CLock Wizard in terms of utilizing management time.

For #throwbackthursday, here is our original video on this subject.

As you can see, our software has come a long way.

What if I have a Home Party Business?

There are some strong home-based businesses that use in-home parties to sell goods. The companies that are doing really well are: Scentsy, Man Cave Worldwide and Pampered Chef.

Time Clock Wizard is terrific for organizing the people below you in an MLM.

On Location Clock In

Time Clock Wizard allows you to check everyone who’s working and who’s not. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to manually keep track of each employee’s time throughout the work day.

But, what if the people working below you clocked in and put online? You could see who is getting and showing up to appointments.

That’s what makes so great. It does all of the time tracking and monitoring for you. That is why this is the best free timesheet software.

Fast Payroll Reporting

You can quickly generate timesheets that you may use for attendance and payroll purposes. This is probably one of the reasons why Time Clock Wizard is widely viewed as being the best free timesheet software available today.

For something that doesn’t cost a single cent, you’re getting a feature-packed time management software that nobody else can offer. You can start the free trial now by clicking here.

Fast Fix of Employee Error

Some people forget to clock in and out – that happens. Does this mean that if they have forgotten to clock in but showed up for work, their attendance for the day is compromised? That doesn’t have to be the case. lets users manually add these times, alter records, and then the manager, supervisor or owner can manually review and approve the change that has been done.

Are you ready to use the best free timesheet software?

Automatic Calculation Including Payroll

One of the most time-consuming aspects of the payout period is calculating everybody’s payroll. Many times, it’s not just about hours worked multiplied by pay rate. You also will have to consider reimbursements, over time, sick pay, vacation pay and more.

Other than functioning as a basic timesheet that you can refer to, Time Clock Wizard also gives you the option to have reimbursements listed, so payroll is computed without errors.

Employee-Empowered Schedule Changes

Employees can get together and make a switch of schedule request online. The requests are found on the manager’s dashboard. With just a “click” from the manager, the shift swap is approved. This ensures that no conflicts take place or that the reimbursement is authorized by the company.

The Best Free Timesheet Software is Time Clock Wizard is the answer to all employers looking for a cost-effective, time saving solution for the management of their employee payroll, regardless of the size of the business. Right now, if you business is very small, Time Clock Wizard is free (for up to three users).

It is by far the best free timesheet software which automatically:

  • Generates payroll
  • Does the computation with reimbursements for you
  • Give managers the freedom from employee interruptions
  • Allows managers to set schedules in advance
  • Keeps you in compliance with new FLSA standards

This is an incredible solution. As a manager, you are going to be surprised at how much time is freed up to do other things. Time Clock Wizard is also excellent for a “Six Sigma Green Belt Project“.

Why not get your own free trial account today?

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