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Time Clock Wizard has a timesheet table tab that allows you to add and/or edit employee timesheet records. This video also covers PTO (paid time off) and vacation settings.

Being that Time Clock Wizard is an online time clock app that can be used in multiple locations, it was imperative for us to make videos to help our users learn (or just remember how to do) the processes of this amazing software.

If you have not had the change, this is available for a free trial by just clicking this sign up now link.

A special thanks to Melissa Ruy, a valued member of Time Clock Wizard for making this video possible. She has made many other videos that you can find by clicking this video list link.

Time Clock Wizard Timesheet Table Tab Tutorial Video


Hey guys, it’s Melissa with Time Clock [Wizard] support and today we are going to go over adding a time record, editing a time record and adding time off.

Starting with the Timesheet Tab

So you can see I’m on the timesheet tab and we got an add time record button and an add time off button. The difference between the two is the add time off button is basically if you want to record absences or request time off such as: vacation, sick days, etc.

You can remove it from your employees’ time bank or simply your employees requested days off for you to approve.

And if somebody calls out and you just want record it – you are not paying the employee for it but you want to record it as calling out you can do that with the add time off [button].

Add a Time Record – Forgetting to Clock in or out

The add time record is simply: if your employee forgets to clock in and out, you can go ahead and manually enter the time here.

So let’s go ahead and get started. And the add time record, we’ll do first. And we’ll say that I forgot to clock in last week.

I would select the dates and the time. I usually work 9 to 5.

You can make a note.

Now just a heads up, your employees can actually do this themselves, so that you don’t have to. The difference is that whatever they manually enter nothing will change on their timesheet unless you approve it.

So, once they submit this to the system, you’ll then be notified of your pending request that you need to improve this in order for them to change their time record or their total times.

So, we are going to go ahead and click “add time record” [button]. It is saying that the “beforetime” must be before the end time and that’s because I forgot to click p.m.

So, there we go. And you’ll see for me last week, I have eight hours of regular time. You can expand that date and get more details.

You’ll see that this is a clock in and out record. It was manually added by Melissa. And you can see the notes by clicking here. I forgot to clock in.

Delete or Remove Record

If you need to delete or remove that particular record (maybe you were supposed to give it to somebody else by accident you selected Melissa’s name), you can delete it here.

And let’s say, she actually worked until 6 o’clock. I worked till six and you need to change that. Go ahead and hit edit. Change the time. And there it is.

Now, I actually work nine hours until six, and it was manually edited by Melissa Ruy.

Explanation of Columns

So you’ll notice that each column has its total number for each employee. This [first] column is for total clock in and out. So basically total regular hours will be right here.

Total break hours will be right here [second column].

Total absences will be right here [third column].

Adjusting for PTO

So let’s go ahead and add an absence. We are going to say that I personal day last Wednesday. And I usually work eight hours or I want eight hours to apply to my PTO.

So, I will go ahead and put 9 to 5. Make sure I select p.m. I want to apply it to my PTO. So, it will remove those eight hours from my PTO bank, and I’ll actually get paid for that time.

But if you don’t want the employee to get paid [via PTO], you can select this [Do not apply to PTO].

You can leave a note if you would like to. And then just click add absence. And I scroll down and I see last Wednesday I didn’t get any regular hours but I did but I did get eight hours of absence time.

Again you can expand that and see that it was a personal day.

Photo Capture Biometrics

Now if you do require image (photo capture) when your employees clock in and out, this is also where you’ll see that.

If you’re manually entering the hours, you will not get that photo capture; but if they are using the clock in and out buttons and you do require it, it will be noted here.

And also lets you know that it was payable.

Checks and Balances

You cannot edit any absences or paid time off, you cannot edit but you can delete them if they’re wrong and re-enter them. That will just ensure that there’s no issues or just discrepancies between you and your employees.

So we can always use the search option up here. It kind of saves a lot of time if you’re  looking to see some statistics as far as your employees are concerned.

Time Off Reporting

Like for example, I want to see how much time I took off (or Melissa, if she was your employee took off) this month from the first through the 15th as a whole.

I want to know how much time is she taking. So here it is: eight hours for the last 15 days.

You can also search by a specific time type of time that was taken off, for all time sheets or all absences.

You can select by it location and you also cans see anything from previous payrolls. So even though you already paid that person and you want to see how much time it taken off of the year you can include that here by selecting yes.

But if don’t want to see past payrolls, you just select “no”.

Adding/Editing Time via Tab Conclusion

So that’s basically it when it comes to requesting time off or for adding time or editing time.

We hope you guys are really enjoying the time clock and if course if you ever have any questions you can always use our page tutorial by clicking this little question mark. It will give you a quick little overview of each section. And this [question mark] is on every single page.

And you can always click the chat now button if you ever need help.

Thanks again. Have a great day.

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