How to use your Employee Table Tab

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How to use your Employee Table Tab

It is Video Friday, and we have a video on our employee table tab feature of Time Clock Wizard, the best online time clock available.

Within this video, you can see how to:

  • Reset employee passwords
  • Edit employee permissions
  • Deactivate employees
  • Add additional employees
  • Add reimbursements
  • Tips/Bonuses
  • Travel Expenses

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Hi everyone! It’s Melissa with Time Clock Support, and today I’m gonna go over your employee tab.

So I clicked the employee tab here on the left which brought me to this page.

And here we have our employee list.

Edit Employee Password Permissions Settings

You can see a list of all your employees and this is where you can reset their password, edit any of their permissions or settings or information OR deactivate the employee.

You can search by name.

Activate Inactivate Add an Employee

You can search by active or inactive.

You can also click here and add an employee.

Watch our video about adding employees if you need more information about how to add them.

Reimbursements Tips Bonus Office Supplies Travel Expenses

You can also click the reimbursement tab and add a reimbursement for your employees.

Basically, reimbursements are if you offer any type of tips or bonuses OR you reimburse your employees for travel expenses or office supplies.

This is where you can add it. Make sure you watch the video about adding reimbursements if you have any additional questions.

And that’s pretty much it. That’s the employee tab. It’s very simple very easy. Of course if you have any questions feel free to chat with us.

Thanks again. We hope you love the time clock and have a great day!

Employee Table Tab Conclusion

A special thanks to Melissa Ruy for creating these videos. She is part of the Time Clock Wizard Support Team, and Melissa can answer your questions.

If you have not tried your free trial of Time Clock Wizard yet, you can sign up now by clicking this link: Free Trial of TCW Now.





Stop Wasting Time and Losing Money.

Time Clock Wizard Tracks Employee Time For FREE!