The Best Time and Attendance Management System for You

Running a small business or even being the manager of a larger one can be exhausting and time consuming. Not only do you have to deal with customer or client concerns, but you’re the one in charge in case something happens. A time and attendance management system is imperative to reduce unnecessary costs.

On top of this, you are also in charge of the employees. In a way, you control their destinies. But controlling the working fates of people is time consuming and easy to mess up. One miscalculation can hurt the reputation of an employee and change their anticipated pay.

Awesome ROI for Payroll Systems

All this pressure brings to light how imperative it is for people to invest in a good time and attendance management system. Are you a general manager, a small business owner, or at least in charge of scheduling and payroll? Below we’ve reviewed Time Clock Wizard, a breakthrough program that exists to make your job easier – and to make all of your employees happy.

Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking Made Simple.

Looking for a scheduling and time tracking solution that your workers will find easy to use? With advanced features such as one click payroll reporting and task management, Time Clock Wizard is a great fit for almost any sized company.

Free Time Tracking

The first thing you’ll notice about is that it offers lots of great free services, the most famous of which being its time tracking. We know how important it is to keep track of how many hours each employee has worked. But as you gain more employees, this becomes more difficult. It’s easy to forget to write something down and then input it later. Time Clock Wizard not only saves you that time but also offers outstanding accuracy.


Naturally it’s important that you make sure you are keeping track of how many hours each employee has worked. But what if we take that a step forward and tell you that it’s possible to do all of your scheduling too?

Let us guess. Right now you may have a couple of spreadsheets, but for the most part you’re probably keeping track of your scheduling on a piece of paper. Maybe lots of pieces of paper.

A paperclip isn’t enough to prevent you from making scheduling oversights. Time Clock Wizard not only helps you figure out who goes where on what day, but it also offers features for alternate schedules, pay rates, and even reimbursements.

It’s easy to edit and make quick changes whenever you need to. You don’t even have to be super computer savvy. If you know how to open the program, then you know how to use it.


Nothing makes most managers more anxious than drawing up payroll. It’s anxiety inducing to not only make sure that everyone is getting their dues, but that the business is seeing the right amount of money leave as well.

The Ultimate Time and Attendance Management System is Time Clock Wizard

Go to to learn more about how this time and attendance management system can help you with your next payroll. Remember, these services are free! You really have no reason to not give it a shot. With no risk and only gain to be made, you would be crazy to not head over to and see that it not only saves you a ton of time, but makes your employees a lot happier and more productive as well.