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Whether you run a small business with a few employees or a large company with thousands, you can save labor hours and payroll dollars by utilizing an online time clock app for your employees. These applications can benefit any business type.

Cut Timekeeping Expenses

Many of today’s online time clock applications allow your timekeeping information to integrate directly to payroll software. Others can upload the information into the payroll system you already use. These applications will even replace your need for that out of date time card system. Your business can save hundreds of hours every year by not having to pay a payroll department to sort through and enter the time keeping information of every person on your payroll. Read more about a free online time card calculator and how a salary paycheck calculator help solve the payroll equation.

Free Employees for Other Tasks

Saving time on timekeeping will leave more time for you, or for your staff, to devote to other jobs that need to get done. The small business owner will have more time to spend managing their business.

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Some employees may have friends willing to clock in or out for them if they are running late or need to leave work a bit early. They may not realize that this is time theft. Buddy punching happens more often than many supervisors realize. Time clock apps can reduce the temptation by providing more relevant information than a simple clock in/ clock out system can.

  • Removes the temptation to falsify timekeeping reports
  • Many apps utilize GPS technology to provide the location and timestamp of the employee when they clock in or out
  • Some apps have face recognition or will snap a photo of the employee during the timekeeping process
  • May also have the option of a PIN to verify the employee’s identity

Timekeeping for Clients

For the professional who charges by the billable hour, a time clock app will give you or your clients accurate records for your time working on their behalf. Many can be customized for your business type. Some apps will even have the option of emailing the timekeeping records; while others can be integrated into invoice software or other application.

Free or Low-Cost Apps

It does not cost anything to try a free or open source time clock app. Most services that offer technical support or assistance will then charge for that service. Other applications are offered with continual service, and only charge the employer by their number employees. There are also providers charging by how many employees use the system each day, so you don’t pay for people who have the day off.

You can easily find a provider offering a free trial of their services. Then you can determine if an online app is right for you.

You can cut your payroll expenses by trimming the hours your staff needs to enter payroll information. You can further reduce your payroll expenses by preventing time theft and buddy punching. A time clock application for your employees could be your next step to cutting costs and increasing the profitability of your business.

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