Managers are so incredibly busy trying to manage the day to day tasks. The real trick is to try to innovate while at the same time maintaining business functions. One of the most difficult things that ties the hands of a manager wanting to innovate is administration and budget. Time Clock Wizard is a solution to many payroll issues, and the software is free. Being free, it is easier to request its use from administrations. Therefore, TCW gives free manager assistance.

I have looked into time clock software before, and it was very complicated. How is Time Clock Wizard different?

Payroll time clock software that is user friendly is very important. Managers can notify employees when schedules are made or changed. Additionally, managers can receive updates via text or email when employees clock in or out. This gives managers an instantaneous understanding of who is on the job at any given time. Employees can also request a shift switch through the software. Want more? See here: Optimized Payroll Time Clock Software.

I have a work from home business, and I end up having to pay mileage reimbursements to have my employees drive to me to turn in their timesheets. Then, I have the headache of sorting it all out. Can Time Clock Wizard help me?

Businesses that have an employee time clock that is accessible all over thrive. Managing your home-based business is difficult, especially if you can’t monitor your employees’ hours. Checking the logged hours of a salesperson who needs to go outside the office to generate sales is difficult to manage manually. See more here: Employee Time Clock.

I can do the payroll just fine until my superiors ask for some reports to be made. Looking at all of te data and entering in values manually just makes the job a huge chore. Can Time Clock Wizard do this easier?

Yes it can. Let the system do the daunting task, and all that you need to do is hit a button to generate reports that you need. That is the beauty of this free attendance recorder. Most of these systems have everything that you need all in one place, such as your dashboard. Read more here: Using an Automated Attendance Recorder for the Difference!

Okay, so if this is online, how can you stop employees from just clocking in and out from somewhere where they are not supposed to be – like in their car during the shift?

Time Clock Wizard has a feature called Clockguard. Be sure that you know employees are working when they say they are. You’ll get a message in the form of an email or text if you have employees clocking into our out of work when they’re not scheduled to. That is why Time Clock Wizard is seen as the best time keeping software! See more here: 8 Features of the Best Time Keeping Software.

Okay…how much is this software going to set me back?

This is a terrific investment! The best bonus to Time Clock Wizard (being a free employee time clock) is that it becomes an asset very quickly to your business. Employee activity tracking is necessary for operating a company – big or small. The former methods of employee monitoring just wasted labor for the managers. Read more here: Employee Time Clock.

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My company has expanded and still uses the traditional punch clock method that is burying me with paperwork?

If you’re used to the conventional way of tracking employee hours, you may want to re-consider using something more advanced – something that will make you and your employees more productive. An automated attendance recorder that Time Clock Wizard offers is free and meets these requirements. Make sure to choose the system that has all the features you need. See more here: Using an Automated Attendance Recorder for the Difference!

Our corporate employee handbook has different types of absences and consequences related to each. This makes a mess for HR more than a week later trying to decipher who did what and why. How can Time Clock Wizard fix things like recurring approved absences?

Figure out when your employees have been absent in the past and set dates for them to be off of work in the future. There are seven categories to use in regards to what kind of absence you’re dealing with. Time Clock Wizard is great at handling the logistics of employee absences. That is why this free application is the best time keeping software. Read more: 8 Features of the Best Time Keeping Software.

My floor managers constantly complain that our time clock system is out-dated, and they spend so much time fixing errors in the process. Is there something Time Clock Wizard can do that is better than what we have going?

The answer is yes! If an employee is overpaid or underpaid because of errors, it will take more time and money to fix these errors, and can result in low morale. If an employee wishes to see their total hours worked for the pay period, they can log into his account and retrieve this information at any time. A computerized payroll system, like Time Clock Wizard, makes this easy! There is no need to contact the payroll manager for this information. Read more here: Why A Computerized Payroll System Is Just Better.

In my business, the punch clocks are far away from the payroll office. It takes roughly 20 minutes to resolve the issues if an HR person needs to come down to the employee area. Not efficient. Suggestions?

Time Clock Wizard’s dashboard allows you to clock in or out with a simple click on the interface. You can use the dashboard to check on schedules, time records by selected time period, and you’ll notice alerts here from time to time. This free application makes it the best time keeping software available today. See even more here: 8 Features of the Best Time Keeping Software.

We thought by having the employees work on their own schedules and time stamps that this would alleviate some technical problems. However, the amount of time employees take to fill out the paperwork is eating into our labor budget. Help us?

While you may think it’s best to just let an employee keep track of their own time on paper, or that you should do it, this is not the best use of labor. Let’s say every day you’re letting a minute or two get counted towards a paycheck, just because there is a problem with a clock you’re checking to get the time. That is the power of an hourly timesheet calculator built into Time Clock Wizard. If you think about how everyone getting a couple of extra minutes added to their checks all year long could add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. See more here: This Hourly Timesheet Calculator Program Helps!

Is it possible for time clock wizard to be set to a centralized location in each department area?

With a feature called ClockPoints, employees will be able to clock out and in from only permitted computers or IP addresses. (A requested feature for the best time keeping software.) More of this here: 8 Features of the Best Time Keeping Software.

There are payroll tasks that I keep doing over and over. On Mondays, I feel like a robot trying to compile all of the data. If there was a way to relieve me of this stress, I would like to hear it.

Timekeeping and attendance should be automated with Time Clock Wizard – that is what software applications were invented for! Companies with a wide range of employees working in different ways, at different times, for different rates, face a further challenge. Putting the burden of accuracy on the employee eats up time that they could be using productively. Leaving the entire problem up to the accounting department, though, is a sure way to lose any hope of accuracy. Get more info here: Accurate Timekeeping and Attendance Records Tools.

Time clock applications have been so inadequate in the past. Can you tell me how Time Clock Wizard is different?

Managers just select a start and end date for the pay period and the report is instantly generated. The software can also manage overtime hours and expense reimbursement. Time Clock Wizard is a free payroll time clock software application that is spreading like wildfire – because it works! Best of all, reports are automatically generated making compliance and data analysis a breeze. See this now: Optimized Payroll Time Clock Software.

Part of the reason we don’t follow through with a lot of our attendance issues is the sheer amount of time compiling all the data. Can Time Clock Wizard do this more efficiently?

Great question! When a proper system is put in place which takes care of the accumulation of numbers, it is better for the business. Because the attendance tracking reports are going to be created on their own, the management team is able to simply read these tangible numbers and act on them. See more here: Online Attendance Tracking VS Manual Spreadsheets.

We have a lot of loss due to micro calculation in our current time clock system. If an employee clocks out 6 minutes and 1 second, they get paid for the full 15 minutes extra. Our employees have figured this out, so there is a lot of lollygagging. Offer any ideas?

Employees are like business people with only one client – and they are trying to get the best value for their time at your expense. Payroll management is simple with the best time keeping software – Time Clock Wizard. You can easily figure out how much people will get paid according to how much they’ve actually worked. You’ll find that you can track breaks and every nuance of the work day easily. Get more here: 8 Features of the Best Time Keeping Software.

My frustration level with trying to manage payroll is at an all time high. I have salesmen in my office almost every month trying to sell me a mediocre solution. What I want is as hands off as possible. Is that something Time Clock Wizard can do?

The goal for any business is to have almost everything as systematic and automated as possible. A system of this nature ensures all of the attendance tracking that is being done is accurate and easier to access. When things are being done manually, it can lead to countless man hours being spent on such tasks and that can dry up financial resources in a hurry. Read more here: Online Attendance Tracking VS Manual Spreadsheets.

I am just beginning my business, and I have 25+ employees. I have gotten in over my head with payroll and still cannot afford an in-house accountant quite yet. What can I expect from Time Clock Wizard?

Most companies can’t afford the hiring of an experienced, full time accountant. That is where this free attendance recording system called Time Clock Wizard, comes into play. Hiring a full time accountant shouldn’t be necessary as long as you can find something online that records attendance, allows employers to set employee scheduling and even compute payroll according to hours worked. Read more here: Features To Look For In an Attendance Recording System.

I am comfortable with manual spreadsheets. Why should I be compelled to try an online solution?

Businesses that use automated systems to keep track of their attendance numbers are able to progress faster. When employees are not being kept track of, it can lead to inefficiencies appearing in the business. This can lead to significant losses that could have easily been avoided with proper attendance tracking. With this management option in place, businesses are able to remain on top of any inefficiencies that develop and correct them effectively and immediately. Get more info here: Online Attendance Tracking VS Manual Spreadsheets.

How can I keep employees from gaming this system?

Even with the most efficient systems in place, inaccurate reporting by unscrupulous employees can result in a major drain on resources. Fortunately, there are many payroll time clock software systems to help track employee hours and assist with payroll calculations. Time Clock Wizard has many safeguards built in to help warn management there is a problem. See more here: Optimized Payroll Time Clock Software.

Do your employees travel? How do they use Time Clock Wizard when doing so?

As long as your employees have internet access, they can clock in and out, as well as, manage their own schedules. Time Cock Wizard is the best time keeping software because it includes what you need to monitor gas mileage and reimbursements. You can use this feature to track the miles that they are traveling and the system will calculate mileage pay. Click here to find out more: 8 Features of the Best Time Keeping Software.

In my business, we have a plethora of specialized employees who have vastly differing schedules based upon their role. Is Time Clock Wizard up to this sort of challenge?

Of course! Telecommuters, field workers, sales people, temporary employees, and workers in other categories all present their own unique challenges. Keeping track of employee hours in these tricky situations can be difficult if you rely on nothing more than good old paper timesheet templates. Making a record of employee hours that’s actually accurate might even be impossible the old-fashioned way. See more here: Powerful Online Tools For Keeping Track Of Employee Hours.

How much work is it going to be working with this system? I do not want to spend too much of my time messing with it.

When implementing this easy system, your main responsibility is setting up your account properly and giving the system all the parameters needed to calculate employee hours. After that, operation is incredibly simple for both employees and payroll personnel for keeping track of employee hours. Whether it’s a matter of tracking different hourly rates, holding onto fractional time, including expenses and mileage, or making one-time adjustments, Time Clock Wizard juggles all the mathematics behind the scenes and minimizes the amount of effort you and your employees need to put in. Read more here: Powerful Online Tools For Keeping Track Of Employee Hours.

I heard that Time Clock Wizard allows for the employees to correct their schedule on their own. Is this true?

Yes, when your employees have an error on their online time log, this allows them to make easy corrections. Time Clock Wizard has a user-friendly time change request sheet to take care of this. The error is noted and a notification is automatically sent to the manager for approval. As the manager, that means you spend less time adjusting time cards – that in itself makes Time Clock Wizard the best time keeping software. Get more info here: 8 Features of the Best Time Keeping Software.

We have a lot of temporary workers we manage, and their time frames are not so easy to work with. We may need 2 employees or 15 for the same task the next day. How would Time Clock Wizard handle this?

When you are ready to create a schedule, you can customize payment rates per employee, a certain shift, certain job function or whatever your need. For instance, the pay rate may differ depending upon the job for the day. This time management application can also be set up so that you can copy a schedule and re-post it. Even if you do not want the exact same schedule repeated each week, having one already filled in that only requires minor adjustments can save you time. Read more here: Using This Time Management Application.

What do I need to look for in an efficient time clock application?

As much as possible, find something that has everything that you need in the dashboard alone. Time Clock Wizard is a free software that has a robust attendance recording system with lots of unique features. Another requirement should be to find ones that are browser based, so all your employees can use the program regardless of their machine or operating system. See more here: Features To Look For In an Attendance Recording System.

We merged with another company that has a very different pay schedule than us, yet the companies wanted to maintain their independence with operation. Can Time Clock Wizard handle two companies at once?

The weekly, biweekly, or monthly mountain of paperwork is not only a huge hassle, but a major cost to your business. Time card management results in lost time that could be better spent managing other tasks and problems. Inevitable errors take time and money to correct. Time Clock Wizard is built for scheduling issues that businesses face in the real world. That is where this free payroll time clock software comes in handy! Read more here: Optimized Payroll Time Clock Software.

We have a suspicion that some of our field reps are not doing their routes properly. I understand that Time Clock Wizard tracks GPS locations. Would this help us find out who is not being truthful?

Accurate timekeeping and attendance records are easy to create, because employees can be restricted to clocking in only at approved locations. For field employees, GPS-enabled phones and mobile devices make it equally easy to record exactly where an employee clocked in, as well as, when. Read more here: Accurate Timekeeping and Attendance Records Tools.

One of the most disrupting things to our daily work flow is employees coming in to check their schedules. If Time Clock Wizard is an online application, can they check their schedules from home?

Time Clock Wizard is a free time management application that solves the problem of schedule communication. Once you have completed the schedule, you can post it online. So that your employees do not have to repeatedly check in to see if it is posted, you can alert them via email or text message. This also guarantees that they have been notified of when they are supposed to work. See more here: Using This Time Management Application.

The biggest time sync that I have is trying to do quality control with all of my employees spread from the United States to Singapore. Is it possible to select a small group of employees to monitor when they clock into work so I can reach them?

One huge advantage Time Clock Wizard’s program has over many existing solutions is the ability to send customized email or text message alerts whenever an employee clocks in or out. Web based timeclock software makes it easy and convenient to monitor the comings and goings of your workers, whether at your desk, at home, or from a hotel on the other side of the globe. This is far in advance of the optical scanners that have been the standard for quite a while. Read more here: Awesome Web Based Time Clock Software.

We have a call center that is multinational. Would Time Clock Wizard be a good fit for very varying schedules over a 24-hour period?

Edit the schedule fast and easy. Employees from all over the world can log in and access the schedule. Scheduling with the best time keeping software is a necessity for businesses that manage atypical work hours and shifts assignments. You’ll also be able to see payroll at a glance if you enter information on wages. See more of this here: 8 Features of the Best Time Keeping Software.

How much labor is Time Clock Wizard proposing to save me?

With Time Clock Wizard operating in real time, the organization has control and visibility without all the potential hassles of time management. From easily and quickly capturing information for reports to tracking billable expenses, this is a web timeclock with the level of detail that will match any operation without the man hours once required to manage even the smallest staff. Read more here: Web Timeclock To Save Time and Money.

I need a solution that requires there to be time clocks in each department that is also automated. Can Time Clock Wizard do both of these things well?

This web based timeclock software will automatically keep track of what site each employee clocks in and out from. The unique ClockPoints feature allows you to restrict which locations an employee can or cannot clock in from. This removes any worry that employees may not be where they are supposed to be. See more here: Awesome Web Based Time Clock Software.

I run a catering firm for a large hotel chain. During heavy convention season, we may have employees as far as 20 miles away. Can Time Clock Wizard help with tracking these employees based on their location?

The advantage of a web timeclock is that it helps management know when their employees are on the job without necessarily having to physically find them. It also ensures managers don’t make errors in scheduling as Time Clock Wizard will not let them plan to use employees that will be on out on already approved days. See more here: Web Timeclock To Save Time and Money.

It is really hard to tell with the punch clock line up which employees are actually late from their breaks. Is this a feature that Time Clock Wizard can help out with?

Don’t allow employees to get away with clocking in and out for lunch and taking far too much time! Why not use the hourly timesheet calculator that is built into Time Clock Wizard to check for stragglers efficiently? While you may think that people are being honest with you, that’s when you may start getting taken advantage of. When you have an employee, for instance, that starts to stay out for lunch an extra 15 minutes, then your other employees that follow the rules may start to get angry and feel like they’re not being properly treated. By using our software you can track everyone and learn who isn’t following your rules regarding break times. Read more here: This Hourly Timesheet Calculator Program Helps!

Much of my day is spent tracking down missing time cards. I wish there was a better solution than this! Is there?

Why are you not using Time Clock Wizard as your computerized payroll system yet? Manual timecards and timesheets can be misplaced. If a punch card is missing, there is no way to recover that data. Also, the physical timecards or timesheets have to be submitted to the payroll manager on time. If the payroll manager does not receive them on time, payment for that employee, as well as the entire staff can be delayed. See more here: Why A Computerized Payroll System Is Just Better.

Time Clock Wizard Offers A Free Solution While Providing Manager Assistance

The staff of Time Clock Wizard are here to help managers get a handle on managing employees. Since payroll, schedules and human resources are so closely tied, it seems rather inefficient not to remove the tasks that can be automated from this process. Because Time Clock Wizard allows for employees to manage their own schedule changes, this takes pressure off of management to try to resolve these issues. Being a free software application, there is now reason not to at least sign up and check it out for yourself. There are even better things planned for the application to become even more efficient.


Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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