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Employee Time Tracking System For You

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An accurate, robust and flexible employee time tracking system is not only essential for a company’s finances, but it is a critical component of ensuring that the company is in compliance with state and federal laws regarding wages, overtime pay and labor standards. To make sure that the hours worked by employees are accurately accounted for, a thorough and easy to use time tracking system is needed.

What can an Employee Time Tracking System do for an organization? A robust employee time tracking system can keep track of the time for hundreds of staff members. These types of systems allow human resources personnel to verify an employee’s attendance to ascertain their eligibility for benefits such as family and medical leave or for insurance coverage. The scheduling options available in electronic systems allow employees to easily trade shifts if needed. Managers can double check to ensure that they will have the ideal staffing level for busy parts of the day.

Benefits of Using an Electronic Time Keeping System

There are many benefits to using an electronic method for timekeeping and scheduling of staff.


Electronic systems allow managers and human resource staff to access past records of any employee. If compensation rates vary with the number of hours worked, such as with overtime pay for hourly workers, these systems ensure that the employee is paid the correct amount of wages due.

Accidental Overtime Avoidance

Electronic time and attendance record keeping also helps part-time or contingent employees know when they are getting close to their maximum number of work hours for a specified week, month or year.

Automated Fast Calculations

Electronic systems are faster to use, can be accessed by multiple users at an organization and allow for automated calculations rather than tedious pen to paper accounting.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

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Choosing an Employee Time Tracking System

When choosing an employee time tracking system, human resources personnel need a system that can grow as the company grows, yet is also flexible enough to keep up with company-wide policy changes for scheduling and timekeeping. provides not just the best free time tracker software, but it also includes a robust employee scheduling and payroll management program that can be integrated.

This allows managers and timekeepers to be more efficient with their administrative tasks. In addition, since all information is stored in one place, there is no need to go back and forth between different applications or programs for scheduling, payroll and tracking of staff hours.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 30-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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