In order to meet local, state and federal requirements for paying your employees the correct amount of money for the hours worked, your organization needs an accurate employee time clock system. In addition to keeping track of the hours worked by each member of your staff, the employee’s time clock software should also be able to handle tasks like scheduling, breaks and other types of leave. Having robust employees’ time clock software helps to free your managers and human resources staff from tedious administrative tasks and offers many other benefits for your company.

What Employees’ Time Clock Software Can Do for Your Organization

Electronic employee time clock software allows your organization to keep irrefutable records of the hours worked by every staff member. Implementing an electronic time keeping program based upon freely available software allows managers to easily track when employees are in or absent, trade shifts, or work overtime.

The Benefits of Electronic Time Clock Software

There are many benefits to online time clock software:


Software for employees to keep track of their time is always available. Unlike a paper and pen sign-in sheet, all employees have access to the electronic system at any time. This is ideal for employees working off-site or traveling for the job.

Shift Differentials

At organizations where employees sometimes switch shifts with one another, the electronic timekeeping software allows managers to keep up with the schedule changes with ease. Manually recording such shift changes is nearly impossible and may lead to inaccuracies and misunderstandings among staff.


In medium and large sized organizations, paper timekeeping systems are not feasible. An electronic system for tracking employee hours saves the human resources department countless hours of time spent on the task of counting employee hours.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

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Selecting a Robust Piece of Employees Time Clock Software for Your Organization

Cloud-based employee’s time clock software offers inimitable accuracy and responsiveness. The software offered by is responsive to the needs of your organization. You can customize the system in any way that you see fit. Employees will feel empowered by their ability to go into the system and enter their start, break and finish times and to change shifts without having to pester the manager or time keeper. Leaders will appreciate the reduced burden that time keeping has on their day.

The software also includes a robust scheduling and payroll system built into the time keeping portion. The resources your company saves on employee time keeping can instead by used for more pressing issues.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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