Free Time Tracker Software Available Now

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Stop Wasting Time and Losing Money.

Time Clock Wizard Tracks Employee Time For FREE!

Free Time Tracker Software Available Now

Time tracking can be an arduous task for any organization. Are you curious about free time tracker software? Management and employees need to find effective ways to stay on track with compensation and benefits that don’t take a lot of time. You need to minimize resources that would go into scheduling and shift planning. And, you want a platform that can be utilized to communicate with all employees, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Even with advancements in technology, it can be a chore to find an effective time tracking solution.

Time Clock Wizard Is Free Time Tracker Software For Your Business

Fortunately, there’s Time Clock Wizard. This free time tracker software has powerful features that will streamline and consolidate time and employee management for everyone. As opposed to having several pieces of software, use Time Clock Wizard for a broad range of services. Time Clock Wizard is an easily customizable option for everything from shift planning to keep all parties informed through text and email alerts.

Handles Multiple Schedules Magically

Time Clock Wizard makes scheduling and reporting easy. It manages daily, weekly and monthly schedules that can be edited and updated instantly as soon as changes have been approved. Cull a variety of data and generate reports for export, saving and printing.

Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking Made Simple.

Looking for a scheduling and time tracking solution that your workers will find easy to use? With advanced features such as one click payroll reporting and task management, Time Clock Wizard is a great fit for almost any sized company.

Sick Benefit Tracking Capabilities

This free time tracker software can organize and track benefits such as vacation and sick time, both accruing and applying time as needed through custom options. The Clock Guard feature can inform management when employees clock out or in, whether on time or late.

Business Expenses Reports In A Snap

Time Clock Wizard has a system that calculates reimbursement on business expenses. This web app will record an online time log, calculate payroll, and make it easy to manage an online schedule. It will give project managers greater insight into their employee’s comings and goings. All through a highly sophisticated platform that is extremely user-friendly on the front end.

Efficient, Robust and Free Tracking Software by Time Clock Wizard

Your business could greatly benefit from an effective time management solution. And one like Time Clock Wizard, free time tracker software, will not affect your bottom line or complicated processes. Why pay a payroll service to do this? You would have a hard time finding a better way to maximize your organization’s time management, improving operations from the individual level and throughout the organization. With your schedules and time tracked instantly by Time Clock Wizard, everyone from management to employee to human resources will benefit.

Stop Wasting Time and Losing Money.

Time Clock Wizard Tracks Employee Time For FREE!