There are so many variables to keep track of when working with employees. Human resource departments are being buried in paperwork, and things like payroll accuracy becomes a matter of real life and the death of a business. It is a good thing that there is free payroll assistance available from Time Clock Wizard to help make many of your HR problems go away.

I really despise doing payroll; it takes up so much of my time, and I get very frustrated. Will Time Clock Wizard really help me with this?

The best part of working is getting paid, unless you’re the one calculating payroll. The weekly, biweekly, or monthly mountain of paperwork is not only a huge hassle, but a major cost to your business. Without payroll time clock software, time card management results in lost time that could be better spent managing other tasks and problems. Inevitable errors take time and money to correct. It is a good thing Time Clock Wizard is free. Read more here: Optimized Payroll Time Clock Software.

I got some time clock software and it was so buggy that it took more time to fix the mistakes than having paper time cards. How is Time Clock Wizard different?

There’s no use in having state-of-the-art timekeeping employee timeclock software if it malfunctions every other day. When shopping for a program, be sure to read its reviews from other companies and consumers. Pay particular attention to the negatives ones; those are where you’ll find the truth about how accurate, speedy and trustworthy the software really is. Learn more about this here: Employee Timeclock Software 101.

We merged with a different company and the two offices have different reporting weeks. Is Time Clock Wizard capable of this?

Payroll assistance is here. Managers just select a start and end date for the pay period and the report is instantly generated. The payroll time clock software can also manage overtime hours and expense reimbursement. Best of all, reports are automatically generated making compliance and data analysis a breeze. There is more to read here: Optimized Payroll Time Clock Software.

I would like good time clock software, but I am afraid that I cannot fit it into my budget. How much will Time Clock Wizard set me back?

Employee timeclock software can range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars, so it’s important to work out a budget before you go shopping. You should also keep in mind that the software itself will only be a portion of your overall expenses; you’ll also need to factor in things like maintenance, installation and the training of your managers to use it. You can breathe a sigh of relief because Time Clock Wizard is free! Read more here: Employee Timeclock Software 101.

The biggest time drain in our company is trying to let everyone know their schedules – sometimes an hour goes by before people start working. This is unacceptable. I heard Time Clock Wizard can fix this. Can you explain how?

Managers can notify employees when schedules are made or changed. Additionally, managers can receive updates via text or email when employees clock in or out. This gives managers an instantaneous understanding of who is on the job at any given time. Employees can also request a shift switch through this payroll time clock software. Catch more here: Optimized Payroll Time Clock Software.

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Is Time Clock Wizard user friendly?

Using a reliable method to calculate payroll hours makes it easy to sit back and relax as all payroll hours are tallied and payroll is generated. It does not get easier than this for those who want something that is simple to understand and works consistently. Efficiency is the name of the game in a business world with margins tightening and competition getting better as time goes on. As this is the case, it is a good strategy to get ahead of the pack with a tool of this nature. Read more at: Importance of Tools To Calculate Payroll Hours.

We just had to let go of a few employees that were padding each other’s time cards. Is Time Clock Wizard precise enough to help stop this behavior?

Even with the most efficient systems in place, inaccurate reporting by unscrupulous employees can result in a major drain on resources. Fortunately, there are many payroll time clock software systems to help track employee hours and get payroll assistance with calculations. Time Clock Wizard is free. More answers here: Optimized Payroll Time Clock Software.

My boss insists of using punch cards when software is so much better. How can I convince him to use Time Clock Wizard?

Clocking in at work is important part of business logistics. This resulted in the evolution of the now old-fashioned, wall mounted punch clocks, which are unfortunately are still quite common. In fact, many business owners/managers still use these paper punch cards to record time in and time out of employees. Obviously, there are still several disadvantages to this type of employee time tracking. Check out more here: Clocking In At Work – Then And Now.

My employees are very mobile; sometimes, I do not see my employees for weeks. Would Time Clock Wizard keep track of their locations and times they are clocked in?

Today, with the help of modern programming technology and easily accessible internet access, Time Clock Wizard has developed an outstanding solution that everyone can take advantage of. Clocking in at work should be so very simple! Regardless of the size of your business, accurate and efficient tracking of employee time has never been more crucial. Time Clock Wizard is free payroll assistance for situations like yours. Read more here: Clocking In At Work – Then And Now.

I am a field coordinator who manages employees on location. We use paper timesheets that takes me a long time late in the night to organize – especially when the timesheets get wet. Can Time Clock Wizard help me?

This is one of the most important features that Time Clock Wizard has. Unlike other programs, one can only clock in at work whenever they are in front of a computer. The developers behind Time Clock Wizard knows how important it is to track other employees working outside the office. Payroll computation and generation is time-consuming – but with Time Clock Wizard, everything is done in a breeze. Read even more here: Clocking In At Work – Then And Now.

There are so many types of systems that give payroll assistance. Can you give me any tips for what to look for?

There are two main types of employee timeclock software. The first is designed to work with old-school timeclocks where employees punch in with cards, codes or badges; the second complements higher-end models that come with features like bio-metric scanning and fingerprint identification. Before you start looking for software, make sure you understand exactly what kind you need to suit your existing equipment. Even more here: Employee Timeclock Software 101.

How can Time Clock Wizard optimize my payroll process?

There is a clear lack of speed in how this information is recorded and that can put numerous hurdles up for businesses that are looking to optimize their processes. When all of the time is being spent on looking at payroll hours of employees, it can choke production for the rest of the business. To calculate payroll hours, you are losing revenue through inefficient use of labor. It is a good thing Time Clock Wizard is free. See more here: Importance of Tools To Calculate Payroll Hours.

How can Time Clock Wizard help me when all of my employees work at home?

This is the reason why Time Clock Wizard developed a program that allows you to track hours, regardless of where your employees are. If their position requires driving or other types of travel, TCW offers mobile access too – which is a great advantage for both employers and employees. This time clock is free and usable via the internet. There is more here: Employee Time Clock.

What is the advantage of using Time Clock Wizard over our punch cards?

Rather than wasting money and/or time on attendance tracking, why not let a system take care of it? This is the beauty of tracking with an automated system. Every business is looking to gain access to numbers that are going to improve their bottom line. Yet, there are some numbers that end up becoming elusive because they are either difficult to accumulate or tedious. Most businesses do attempt to keep track of attendance numbers by way of spreadsheet or template. However, most are not able to eliminate those pesky errors that keep on coming. See more here: Online Attendance Tracking VS Manual Spreadsheets.

I get about three calls a day from employees how tell me that they forgot to clock out. It is frustrating to track down the time card, track down their schedule, and then make the appropriate change. Can Time Clock Wizard help with making these changes faster?

You can also locate a time sheet request through Time Clock Wizard. Although nobody wants to make the mistake of forgetting to clock in or out, it does occur from time to time. Time Clock Wizard is a free solution for clocking in and out. When you or one of your employees logs in, the first thing you will see is the dashboard. This screen is easy to use and you can readily locate all of the information you require at a glance. It will show your schedule, what hours you have worked during this pay period, and any requests that you have made. See more here: Clocking In and Out with Time Clock Wizard.

What is the advantage of using an attendance recording system over the standard time clocks?

If you’re using an automated attendance recording system, your workers will be able to view their hours, check overtime hours and can even be inspired to improve their statistics. Time Clock Wizard is a free attendance recorder you can use now! Check out more here: Using an Automated Attendance Recorder for the Difference!

How can I get my employees to stop interrupting me for time card drama?

When your employees have an error on their online time log, this allows them to make easy corrections. The error is noted and a notification is automatically sent to the manager for approval. Do your employees travel? You can use this feature to track the miles that they are traveling and the system will calculate mileage pay. Time Clock Wizard is the best time keeping software that is also free to use. See more here at: 8 Features of the Best Time Keeping Software.

How much can Time Clock Wizard be customized for your personal business needs?

How does the employee timeclock software work? Some programs can track arrivals and departures down to the nanosecond. Others might send you alerts if employees are extending their breaks or reporting the wrong times to the computer. You’ll need to decide for yourself what level of vigilance and payroll assistance is right for your business. Get more answers here: Employee Timeclock Software 101.

I am so frustrated looking at payroll software. Is Time Clock Wizard easy to understand?

Some timesheets and recording systems may look complicated. You don’t need something that is too complex. The last thing that you would want to do is spend hours trying to figure out how to operate the system. Find an attendance recording system which allows mobile access – this way, your employees, and even yourself, can track your hours and see where your time went even if away from your desk. Read more here: Features To Look For In an Attendance Recording System.

One easy way to generate accurate paychecks is by using our free payroll calculator. They’re not usually sufficient for larger companies, but you can find the right paycheck calculator for your state by clicking here.

Can Time Clock Wizard be accessible any where?

Time Clock Wizard makes creating and modifying employee schedules simple and easy. You can even choose to make schedules viewable by your employees from any Internet-connected device. Clearing-up conflicts and scheduling errors from your time clock will then be a faster, less difficult process. You can also use the software to calculate projected payroll expenses using schedule data. Read more here: Employee Time Clock.

Most time clock software is lacking in real calculations like one-time adjustments or fractional time calculations. I need precise timeclock measurement as a single second of time could mean hundreds of dollars out the door. Is Time Clock Wizard up for this?

Keeping track of employee hours should be easy in this day and age! Whether it’s a matter of tracking different hourly rates, holding onto fractional time, including expenses and mileage, or making one-time adjustments, Time Clock Wizard juggles all the mathematics behind the scenes and minimizes the amount of effort you and your employees need to put in. Read more here: Powerful Online Tools For Keeping Track Of Employee Hours.

When employees come into check their schedule, it causes a bottleneck. I hear Time Clock Wizard fixes this. Is this true?

Yes, it is true! Once you have completed the schedule, you can post it online with this time management application. So that your employees do not have to repeatedly check in to see if it is posted, you can alert them via email or text message. This also guarantees that they have been notified of when they are supposed to work. See more here: Using This Time Management Application.

I maintain a vibrant sales team that works with all kinds of sales types. Due to this, schedules can get a little hectic. Can Time Wizard help out with completely different time schedules and switching roles?

Telecommuters, field workers, sales people, temporary employees, and workers in other categories all present their own unique challenges. Keeping track of employee hours in these tricky situations can be difficult if you rely on nothing more than good old paper timesheet templates. Clearly, you need to harness the power of modern information technology for keeping track of employee hours. The real benefits of an advanced tool like Time Clock Wizard will become apparent when you see what kind of hoops it can make your employees’ information jump through. Check out more here: Powerful Online Tools For Keeping Track Of Employee Hours.

The biggest scheduling drama we have is regarding employees switching shifts. Can Time Clock Wizard help with this?

From time to time, people want to change their schedule. Switching shifts with another employee is a common thing but, creates extra work for the person in charge of scheduling. However, the Time Clock Wizard (a time management application) can do it instead. The employee who wants to switch sends a message to the other person through the system. If the change is approved by all involved parties, it will automatically make the alterations to the schedule. This saves you the time and assures that employees have committed to their scheduled shifts. Red more here: Using This Time Management Application.

I had a time clock application that ended up taking more time with employees logging in and out. Is there a way to have the ease of using an application without logging in?

You are in luck! Employees can also use the Quick Clock In/Out feature which will allow the user to clock in and out without having to login to their specific account. With accuracy one of its features, Time Clock Wizard can be configured to the nearest .25 of an hour as well as .1 of an hour. See more here: This Online Time Clock Service from TCW is the One.

In my HR office, we spend so much time entering in data for new employees that important steps like signing documents gets missed. How can Time Clock Wizard help with this?

You can manually enter the data for each of your employees if you want. However, you can provide them with a self-registration password so they can do it themselves. That is the power of a an online time management application. This password will allow them minimal access to the application. You can customize the data that the system requests and records, so that you have exactly what you need on hand. Want more? Read on: Using This Time Management Application.

I have a business with close to 900 employees. By running a six sigma experiment on our process, we discovered that we were losing 18% labor due to timekeeping errors just in the payroll department alone. Can I use this free software for green belt six sigma projects?

Companies with hundreds of employees still need to track what all of their employees are doing, and when. Timekeeping and attendance can get out of hand with paper systems. At large scales, it’s not so much the actual logging of time that gets difficult; it’s the organizing of the records, so they remain useful. Time Clock Wizard is free and very usable for experimentation. You may find that your green belt six sigma project turns into a large scale process change for getting out products to your customers more efficiently. Read more here: Accurate Timekeeping and Attendance Records Tools.

We have had problems with downloading programs in the past. Is Time Clock Wizard as application that we need to download or not?

No applications to download or run. Clocking in at work can be easily done with a browser. This means that you don’t have to worry about operating system restrictions. Staff members can log in from any of your pre-designated computers. There is more about this here: Clocking In At Work – Then And Now.

We have several locations in our factory where employees clock in. We spend too much time trying to see our overall production team. Can Time Clock Wizard not only keep track of the schedules AND the locations where employees log in?

The program will automatically keep track of what site each employee clocks in and out from. The unique ClockPoints feature allows you to restrict which locations an employee can or cannot clock in from. This web based time clock software removes any worry that employees may not be where they are supposed to be. See more here: Awesome Web Based Time Clock Software.

What is the real benefit of using Time Clock Wizard?

Figure out how much people will get paid according to how much they’ve worked. You’ll find that you can track breaks and every nuance of the work day easily. Employees will be able to clock out and in from only permitted computers or IP addresses. (A requested feature for the best time keeping software.) Read more here: 8 Features of the Best Time Keeping Software.

In my Human Resources office, there are many different types of absences that are allowed – some based on merit and others based on entitlements. Does Time Clock Wizard take this into account?

Yes. Figure out when your employees have been absent in the past and set dates for them to be off of work in the future. There are seven categories to use in regards to what kind of absence you’re dealing with. Check out more here: 8 Features of the Best Time Keeping Software.

How can I keep my employees from bothering HR for simple requests like absences or amount of over time?

Once approved by managers, the web timeclock system will automatically update all schedules and send out notifications via text or email. Time Clock Wizard is customizable and is able to monitor pay rates, reimbursements, overtime, absences and generate payroll reports. It can also be beneficial to productivity as employees are likely to keep working longer knowing clocking out is as simple as using the nearest computer. See more: Web Timeclock To Save Time and Money.

Communication about schedules is our Achilles heel. Right now, there is too much congestion and confusion leading to a loss of morale. In what ways can Time Clock Wizard help with this?

Built-in communications features mean that employees can help the payroll team resolve errors right inside the timekeeping and attendance software, keeping all associated data inside the system. Check out more here: Accurate Timekeeping and Attendance Records Tools.

Some of the time clock software that I have seen does not do incremental hour processing. How accurate is Time Clock Wizard?

When you run a business it’s a must to have accurate time tracking software. You need to know when your employees are working, when breaks are being taken, and exactly what you owe each person at the end of the pay period. If you are just a few minutes off, you can lose a lot of money each year, making it tough to expand your business. Read more here: This Hourly Timesheet Calculator Program Helps!

Our business is seasonal and we have a lot of return employees. Can Time Clock Wizard help us manage these employees better?

With a large number of employees, this online time clock service allows for customization and self-registration of employees with a password that you have chosen. Moreover, deleted user information is kept in the system for up to one year enabling recovery if that employee returns to work. There is more information here: This Online Time Clock Service from TCW is the One.

I am interested in timekeeping software “in the cloud”. Can I access Time Clock Wizard over the internet?

Web based time clock software is important for any business that has connection to the internet. From creating and editing payroll reports to tracking attendance and missed days, this proven software application can significantly cut down on confusion and wasted time. Read more about it: Awesome Web Based Time Clock Software.

Can you help me convince my boss to quit using paper timesheets when we could use Time Clock Wizard?

First, this computerized payroll system is free. Manual timecards and timesheets can be misplaced. If a punch card is missing, there is no way to recover that data. Also, the physical timecards or timesheets have to be submitted to the payroll manager on time. If an employee is overpaid or underpaid because of errors, it will take more time and money to fix these errors, and can result in low morale. See more here: Why A Computerized Payroll System Is Just Better.

I am not a fan of computer systems. I prefer working with paper time sheets. How is Time Clock Wizard better?

While you may think it’s best to just let an employee keep track of their own time on paper, or that you should do it, this is not the best use of labor. Time Clock Wizard is an hourly timesheet calculator and more – plus, it is free! See more here: This Hourly Timesheet Calculator Program Helps!

Time Clock Wizard Is A Free Employee Time Management

This web based timeclock software is the perfect tool for employee management because it handles payroll, schedules, time cards, notifications and forms. This software is incredibly robust, and the software is free to be used by anyone for their business needs. Sign up for your free access, and see all of the ways Time Clock Wizard can improve your businesses processes and save you money.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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