Businesses need to have ways to leverage their tools in positive ways. The biggest obstacle for businesses to try new software is plainly the budget. Time Clock Wizard is a free software that is a process improvement tool for scheduling and payroll. Below are a bunch of questions to regarding the software that should give you a better idea how his software will help you.

We have a labor ready style business where we have lots of locations to pull workers from. It seems that a full 30 minutes is wasted waiting for every office to check in. Is there a better solution for this?

Yes, absolutely! I understand your frustration with all of those employees being paid for not producing. By using an online timesheet with an automated attendance recorder, everybody’s total number of hours are calculated in real time. As a matter of fact, most of these systems allow you to view all your employees in your dashboard and generate a report of working hours whenever you request. From this dashboard, you can take your clocked in employees and set up their schedules for the day; they could check their schedule on their phone faster than the manager could give them the details. Read more here: Using an Automated Attendance Recorder for the Difference!

I can look at the employee time cards all day and not figure out an easy pattern to work with. Because if this, improvement in payroll has become stagnant. How quickly can Time Clock Wizard be set up for use?

There are some numbers that end up becoming elusive because they are either difficult to accumulate or tedious – especially from punch time cards. When a proper system is put in place which takes care of the accumulation of numbers, it is better for the business. Because the reports are going to be created on their own, the management team is able to simply read these tangible numbers and act on them. A system of this nature ensures all of the attendance tracking that is being done is accurate and easier to access. See more here: Online Attendance Tracking VS Manual Spreadsheets.

My boss insists on using spreadsheets to track all of this data, but with fractional time and one-time adjustments to the schedule, the data is just so skewed. Would Time Clock Wizard help with these issues?

Keeping track of employee hours is a challenge for any manager! Whether it’s a matter of tracking different hourly rates, holding onto fractional time, including expenses and mileage, or making one-time adjustments, Time Clock Wizard juggles all the mathematics behind the scenes and minimizes the amount of effort you and your employees need to put in. Read more here: Powerful Online Tools For Keeping Track Of Employee Hours.

I attend a lot of conferences out of the country, and I would like to monitor my employees to see if they are clocking in and out properly. Is Time Clock Wizard the kind of software that can assist me with managing my employees?

This makes it easy and convenient to monitor the comings and goings of your workers, whether at your desk, at home, or from a hotel on the other side of the globe. This is the power of web based time clock software. This is far in advance of the optical scanners that have been the standard for quite a while. See more here: Awesome Web Based Time Clock Software.

My business does a lot of door-to-door sales as well as in office presentations. The difficulty that we are having is keeping track of employees that switch roles on the same day. Can Time Clock Wizard do switching roles?

Telecommuters, field workers, sales people, temporary employees, and workers in other categories all present their own unique challenges. Keeping track of employee hours in these tricky situations can be difficult if you rely on nothing more than good old paper timesheet templates. These days, however; many workers complete their tasks in less conventional ways with varying shifts and possible remote locations. See more here: Powerful Online Tools For Keeping Track Of Employee Hours.

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How much time would I personally need to spend entering all of the employee data per week?

As mentioned above, you don’t have to manually take care of everything, nor is it necessary to hire someone to do this job on your behalf with this automated attendance recorder. Let the system do the daunting task, and all that you need to do is hit a button to generate reports that you need. Most of these systems have everything that you need all in one place, such as your dashboard. Much more here: Using an Automated Attendance Recorder for the Difference!

I am looking for a time management application that will allow my employees to have a recorded place where they negotiate switching schedules. It is frustrating to have one employee take off and the other employee forget to show up. Can Time Clock Wizard do this?

Time Clock Wizard is a time management application that handles so many payroll issues. It is free and customizable for your needs! The employee who wants to switch sends a message to the other person through the system. If the change is approved by all involved parties, it will automatically make the alterations to the schedule. It is compatible with all operating systems so you will never have to worry about finding and using your data. Read more here: Using This Time Management Application.

One of the most frustrating and time consuming things is taking care of tracking down employee time cards who didn’t clock in or out correctly. How can Time Clock Wizard improve upon this?

Online timekeeping software can take a lot of the guesswork out of timekeeping and attendance, and the right programs are incredibly easy to use. A cloud-based Internet solution like Time Clock Wizard shows off the full potential of modern timekeeping. Where a full-featured program like Time Clock Wizard really shines is in its simplicity. See more here: Accurate Timekeeping and Attendance Records Tools.

As a field coordinator, it seems that most of my time is spent answering questions about the schedule, bonuses, and pay rates. It is frustrating to have this many interruptions. Is there a better way to have my employees be in charge of their own information?

If your employees are aware of how much time they’ve logged for the entire week, and if they can see where their time was spent, they can become empowered to keep up their productive work history, and perhaps do better. If you’re using an automated attendance recording system, your workers will be able to view their hours, check overtime hours and can even be inspired to improve their statistics. See more here: Using an Automated Attendance Recorder for the Difference!

My company has many short shifts and rotating schedules. Week to week scheduling takes us the most time. Will Time Clock Wizard assist with these sort of schedules?

Employees may have rotating or shifting schedules. Attempting to personally compare employee schedules against their recorded attendance undoubtedly takes a lot of time. Too much time without an automated attendance recorder. Inefficient. Check out more: Using an Automated Attendance Recorder for the Difference!

All of my work tasks involve my email with the exception of payroll. Can Time Clock Wizard communicate with me when my employees clock in or out via email?

Yes! Web based time clock software that is usable and free is extremely rare! One huge advantage the program has over many existing solutions is the ability to send customized email or text message alerts whenever an employee clocks in or out. Find out more here: Awesome Web Based Time Clock Software.

Time Clock Wizard is the Free Tool for Improvement

Whether your difficulty is in payroll, scheduling, or security, Time Clock Wizard is a sensible solution. Not only is the software free, it is full of features and easy to use. There are other web based time clock software options that do not compare to the value of Time Clock Wizard. Being free, you can test this time management application against your current method to gather data on the next step. Innovation starts with signing up for a free account and checking out the software.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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