How to Schedule Employees

Learning how to schedule employees efficiently will take the pressure off of any management team. “Scheduling employees” and “ordering inventory” are the two biggest headache factors for managers.

It should be noted that unstructured schedule management is one of the top reasons employees leave jobs within their probation period (typically within the first 90 days). Employees are expensive to train and replace; don’t let a messy schedule destroy your ROI.

It makes sense to get organize a schedule that works well for both management and staff. The easier the schedule is to create and use, the better for everyone and the why standard operating procedures are important.

How to Schedule Staff Effectively?

At one time, creating schedules by hand was the preferred method. Then, scheduling moved to database spreadsheets, which was more efficient yet still hard to work with.

Smartphone apps gained popularity in use. With the ability of online apps, the scheduling process has become more interactive and intuitive.

Employees should be able to access and view their schedule online at any time and make requests for changes.

Did you know this? 

Time Clock Wizard is workload management software that handles employee scheduling, virtual time clock, hours reporting plus payroll.

Here is an example of one way TCW will immediately save your business:

When employees call into the place of business to ask for verbal confirmation of their schedule or to request changes, so much time is wasted. The time wasted on the phone does not benefit the company.

With the app for TCW, employees can just log onto their account and see their information. This takes the strain off management. Small, non-efficient interruptions add up throughout the day.

What is an Efficient Plan Schedule Management Process?

Employee time is an important aspect of plan schedule management. In order to get the product or service to your customers on time, your labor force needs to meet the demands of the project at hand.

As companies get away from doing punch cards and paper schedules, workload management software takes it place. It is great to be able to create your schedule online.

Time Clock Wizard is available via a free trial. There are tutorial videos available for you as well to teach you how to schedule employees.

How to Schedule Employees

You can input the schedule the first time with our intuitive software. Easily copy schedules week to week. Utilize employee check boxes for individuals.


You can also move schedules around to help cover for mistakes, vacation time or other necessary changes. Managers love this feature!

You can email the schedule directly to an employee. This is convenient because it prevents employees from calling excessively or creating a bottleneck around a physical schedule. Employees will be able to request time off within this same app.

Use the payment graph to stay within budget. The forecasting option to meet scheduling goals. You will be surprised with the results. Data that emerges from scheduling stats is like gold. Over time, you’ll be able to shift employees to cover high production times.


The data you can collect from Time Clock Wizard is really beneficial. Executives who are working on six sigma projects or other efficiency testing models get a good value for Time Clock Wizard.

Sign up for a free trial today.

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