Clock In System For Employees

A clock in system for employees is a requirement. Keeping accurate time for employees in the workplace is one of the most important tasks of a well-run business. This is true for both big and small companies.

In the past, many small businesses who pay employees by the hour could not afford a sophisticated timekeeping system and had to keep time and report payroll manually.

Now, there is a free* clock in system for employees from Time Clock Wizard that automates this process to use on a trial basis. Why should a company use this system?

(Update: Due to the popularity of the software, TCW has a free trial with very competitive rates for this service.)

From One Location, See All Time Records

For one thing, using a system like this will verify that your employees are at work when they are supposed to be. If your employees clock in or out outside of the normal time, the system can notify you by email or by text.

If you cannot be at the work premises yourself, you can verify through the system if your employees were at work on time. The system from Time Clock Wizard has a way to make sure that employees only punch in and out from their authorized work location or job sites.

You can match IP addresses and verify where the employees had clocked in. This is another safeguard to prevent employees from trying to trick the timekeeping system.

Here is a video of our clock in system for #ThrowbackThusday:

(Tomorrow, for Video Fridays, the video tutorial and transcription will be about how to generate payroll.)

Manual Timesheets Give Opportunity For Fraud

Manual sign-in sheets can be inaccurate and abused. If employees are claiming to be at work when they are actually not, this can result in a loss in your business income. This loss can add up over time.

When an accurate timekeeping system is in place, you can easily keep track of how much time your employees are actually spending on a project.

This can tell you a lot about their efficiency and can help you determine if any improvements need to be made in the processes.

Clock In System For Employees That Is Down To Earth

Using an automated timekeeping system minimizes discrepancies. The record is the proof of attendance. There is no need to rely on anyone’s word for it.

When you use the automated timekeeping system, it can generate a report on the how many hours were worked by each employee and how much in wages is payable to each person. Any overtime, time-off, breaks and other payroll-related expenses can be factored in.

Human errors are removed from the calculations because payroll is done automatically. It makes work lives easier for the employees and for the payroll department.

Human Use Errors Easily Fixed

If one of your employees forgets to clock in, there is a way for him to input the correct time and notify you through the system so that you can review and approve the change. When small errors like this are fixed right away, it prevents any conflict when the paycheck is issued.

Tax Compliance

An accurate clock in system for employees helps you stay in compliance with tax reporting. This will prevent any overpayment or underpayment of payroll taxes due to inaccurate records.

Better Budgeting Through Forecasting

The tool can even help you forecast payroll so you can budget accurately. This will help prevent any budget overruns in employee compensation.

Because Time Clock Wizard is free* (update: with a free trial), there is no reason why any business should still manually keep track of employee hours. The robust tools provided by this system will improve efficiency in timekeeping and payroll processes for any business.

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