Employee Schedule Maker

Employee Schedule Maker

What Should You Look For In An Employee Schedule Maker?

Managing your business is an undertaking filled with annoyances, paperwork, responsibilities. And crafting your employees’ schedules will obviously seem like an endless task to add to the pile. Scheduling employees can sometimes turn out to be a full-time position. Either you must manage employees who are switching between shifts, requesting time off or just need to familiarize with their schedules. An employee schedule maker or scheduling software makes this job simple. And thereby making it easy for you as the manager to prepare schedules and share them with the employees. There are hundreds of employee scheduling programs, some of which offer free demos to create schedules. Whereas others have premium features that you must pay for. Here’s how a video tutorial on how to create an employee schedule.


While there are a few basic attributes all employee schedule makers should have – such as the ability to view and set schedules or even swap shifts – some other aspects might be important to consider in such platforms. Depending on your company’s needs, you will probably benefit from particular integrations, the ability to message employees or have a time clock within the scheduler. And find out about the top five benefits of remote time tracking and how you can schedule staff for different industries.

  1. Integrations

Depending on how your company’s payroll and accounting systems have been set up, it is important to check the integration options that are available with every schedule maker option. Some of the most common integrations include QuickBooks and ADP. Though there are some applications that will integrate with other programs seamlessly. Integrations with accounting or payroll software can aid in getting through payday without any headaches. They can also also keep track of the cost you incur to run the business.

  1. Messaging

Communication is a key attribute to a successful business. A majority of schedule maker applications and software offer a way through which you can send messages to your employees in the form of alerts. This messaging feature can be of great benefit if you have an urgent or important notification regarding a specific shift or if a particular employee needs to contact you about an issue concerning their availability based on your schedule.

  1. Time Clock

It can save you a lot of money and stress to have a simple time clock within your schedule maker. This way, all your employees have to do is log in to a single system. And you will just have to handle the scheduling and time on only one platform. A majority of schedule makers come with time clocks. Here’s how to create schedule online with Time Clock Wizard.

How Can A Schedule Maker Help Employees?

The greatest benefit of an employee schedule maker is that it will keep your employees informed of the time they are scheduled to work. However, there are other ways in which schedule makers can help your employees.

Alerts and Reminders

With a lot going on in their lives, it’s easy for an employee to forget when they are supposed to get in for work. It is for this reason that employee schedule makers let the employees set up alerts and reminders to aid them in remembering when they are supposed to report to work.

Swap Shifts

The top schedule makers give employees the freedom to swap shifts in the software. The program tracks all swap requests. And it in that way you are always in the loop with what is happening with other employees. For most of the schedule makers, however, the manager must approve the shift swaps.


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