Cut time spent calculating payroll with our web-based payroll software.

Payroll is a breeze with our payroll reports.

Payroll staff is expensive, and doing payroll manually is both time-consuming and error-prone.

Give yourself more time to do the things that matter in your business by using our seamless payroll reports.

Generating payroll is simple with Time Clock Wizard. Our payroll calculator includes everything you need to understand what you need to pay your workers.

No more sorting through documents or contacting employees to verify hours and contact info: We put the payroll reports you need right at your fingertips.

Best of all, our reports are easy to understand and can be exported in almost any file type.

  1. Web-based and mobile-friendly for instant access.

    You won’t need to download anything to your computer or allocate any IT resources to get started with our payroll hours calculator.

  2. Designed to save you time.

    Our online payroll reports are designed to save staff time and resources, ultimately saving you money.

  3. Superior customer support.

    On-demand phone, chat and email support, plus a library of how-to videos and materials.

Cut time spent calculating payroll with our web-based payroll software.

Payroll reporting software with the features you want.

Payroll Reports

Easy-to-read payroll reports help verify payments, including overtime, PTO, bonuses and reimbursements.

Payroll Filters

Generate payroll by options like job role, location of employee, type of payroll (weekly, monthly) and more.

Error Notifications

If an employee is still clocked in when you’re trying to run payroll, for example, our payroll software will let you know.

View Past Payroll

Easily see important data from past payrolls, including who generated payroll and when.

Custom Settings

Set up custom overtime settings and apply them when you’re generating payroll.

Effortless Exporting

All of your reports can be exported as Excel, CSV, Word, HTML and PDF files, so you can upload to almost any accounting software.

Employee Contact Reports

Keep employee contact info up to date and all in one place, including names, phone numbers, addresses and more.

Who Uses Time Clock Wizard for Payroll Reports?

  • Small and medium businesses that traditionally use spreadsheets or manually calculate payroll reports.
  • Companies that want to save money on internal staff time spent on payroll.

Time Clock Wizard also gives you free access to an easy-to-use payroll calculator. You can find one that’s tailor-made for your state by clicking here.

Find out more about Time Clock Wizards powerful features here.

Cut time spent calculating payroll with our web-based payroll software.

What Our Customers Have To Say:

Tommie Williams
As our business grew, the task of scheduling employees, tracking employee time and running payroll reports became more and more time-consuming. Implementing Time Clock Wizard proved to be a huge time and money saver for us. Our employees love the mobile apps and the online scheduling feature is really helping to keep us organized.
Zoe Jackson
We had a computer crash and I had to reload everything. One of the customer representatives was great at helping me get Time Clock Wizard connected back with our books. It was a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable and friendly.
Sidney Villarreal
I used this program at a design studio to keep track of hours per client. It was simple and easy to clock in and clock out for each client. I used this all day every day during my time at this position and wouldn't have been able to function without it. At the end of every week the company would print the reviews compiled by Time Clock Wizard and would review hours for each client and each employee.
Jessica Taylor
I love Time Clock Wizard! Their service department has impressed me the few times whenever I've needed to contact them -- they even incorporated a change in the interface that I had submitted and has also sent a thank you note. Time Clock Wizard is an integral part of my service business. I am really very happy using these services!!
Vivienne Callaghan
Time Clock Wizard is without doubt, the best time tracking software on the whole payroll process has been reduced to about 20 minutes, and most of that is spent signing checks and envelope stuffing.
Stephen Coleman
We love that our timekeepers can add their daily hours to the Time Clock Wizard in real time (both on the desktop and mobile app platforms) and with such ease. Great app!!
Colin Dickens
Time Clock Wizard is everything timesheet management software should be! Easy to learn and navigate and accurate! Makes finalizing payroll and monitoring employee attendance a breeze!
Luke Anderson
I appreciate such an amazing app that saves my time that I was spending on calculating my worked hours and the payroll as well. Time clock Wizard also help to track the in and out time automatically which is suitable both for employee and employer.
Diana Jones
I am a floating technician so I am always in a different store and often times have deliveries. Time Clock Wizard allows me to clock out after I finish my delivery. And if I forget to clock out I can send a message easily to our payroll.

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