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A Sophisticated Timesheet Software Option

Timesheet software has never been more intuitive. Time Clock Wizard has built the most sophisticated software that makes time tracking easy for your business, and it’s free.

Our timesheet software makes it easy for managers to review and approve employee hours, and the advanced features allow for even more visibility into how your employees are spending their time.

Time Clock Wizard Saves You Time And Money.

Timesheet Software Features

GPS Location

Time Clock Wizard’s timesheet software allows you to keep tabs on the location of on-the-clock employees. If you manage employees, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of each employee’s time throughout the workday.

This software can use GPS systems to clock people’s times automatically. It works especially well with industries such as; delivery and packaging, or on-site contracting.

Easy to Use Software

You don’t need to be a tech wizard or computer programmer to learn how Time Clock Wizard works. Simply put, managing timesheets for your entire company has never been this easy.

The platform is straight-forward, and the dashboard makes reviewing timesheets a breeze. That’s because we created this software with you in mind.

Photo Capture Capabilities

If you want to make sure the right employee is clocking in and out, even when you’re not there, photo capture and facial recognition that automatically captures employee photos when they clock in and out is just what you need.

The employee timesheet software will even flag photos when something doesn’t look quite right, and you can review it on your end before verifying the hours worked.

An Efficient Dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing that you see, and it is most likely the feature you will utilize the most. Time Clock Wizard has made sure to stock it full of capabilities that provide you with the information you need to make informed, effective decisions.

The platform is straight-forward, and the dashboard makes reviewing timesheets a breeze. That’s because we created this software with you in mind.

The dashboard is where you can view:

  • Employees Attendance
  • Employee Timesheets
  • Weekly Schedules
  • Who Is Currently Clocked In Or Clocked Out

Easy to Use Software

Other than being fully functional timesheet software, Time Clock Wizard makes it possible for you to view reimbursements, hours worked, and any other aspect of your payroll so that you complete it without error.

Time Clock Wizard Saves You Time And Money.

How it Benefits You

This software was built with team leaders, managers, and business owners in mind. It allows you to know which projects are over or under budget. It also helps you understand employee availability, costs, and productivity. You can also review vacation requests and compiled billable hours all in one dashboard.

The dashboard will display exactly what you need, without all the fuss and confusion of a cluttered timesheet. We want to help you uncover efficiencies and inefficiencies in your business.

How It Benefits Your Employees

This online software makes timesheet tracking a simple task for your employees. Rather than making it something for which they have to block off time, Time Clock Wizard knows that hours worked can be a point of contention between employees and their managers — because of this, removing those inconsistencies is very important to us.

We make it easy for your team to record their hours — no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Find out more about Time Clock Wizards powerful features here.

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