All the details you need in a simple, exportable employee timesheet.

Timesheet reports that streamline your employee time tracking.

Employee timesheet gives you all the data you need in one place.

Save time.

End the busywork of keeping tabs on employees by spreadsheet or other inefficient ways.

Get insight.

Spot trends, understand worker productivity, know the real costs of a project for budgeting and much more.

Export what you need.

Export time-sheet reports in many template formats for sharing with the team or for accounting purposes.

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Timesheet report
features you’ll love.

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Track time by employee, date, location, job type, clock in / out, total hours, and paid and unpaid breaks.

Quick Search by Filter

Quick Search by Filter

Search employee timesheet reports by filters like employee, date, clock-in location, absences and more.

Real-Time Views

Real-Time Views

See if an employee is not working, working now or on break with real-time notifications in the timesheet reports.

Editable Timesheet Templates

Editable Timesheet Templates

Edit absences or requested time off, apply paid time off, or edit a time record all within the dashboard.

Exportable Files

Exportable Files

Easily export and share employee timesheets in many formats including PDF, CSV, Excel and more.

Who uses Time Clock Wizard for timesheet reports?

Small and medium businesses that traditionally use spreadsheets for timesheet reports.

Businesses that need to know the real cost of projects by viewing the time employees spend on them.

Companies that want to understand how long it takes one worker to complete a task compared to another.

Schools that use timesheet reports to track student attendance.

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What Our Customers Have To Say:

As our business grew, the task of scheduling employees, tracking employee time and running payroll reports became more and more time-consuming. Implementing Time Clock Wizard proved to be a huge time and money saver for us. Our employees love the mobile apps and the online scheduling feature is really helping to keep us organized.
Tommie Williams

Time Clock Wizard is without doubt, the best time tracking software on the market…my whole payroll process has been reduced to about 20 minutes, and most of that is spent signing checks and envelope stuffing.

Vivienne Callaghan

I love Time Clock Wizard! Their service department has impressed me the few times whenever I’ve needed to contact them — they even incorporated a change in the interface that I had submitted and has also sent a thank you note. Time Clock Wizard is an integral part of my service business. I am really very happy using these services!!

Jessica Taylor

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