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Generating Paperless Expense Reports with Software

Going paperless is the right move for your business (and the environment, but that’s another story). We are here to tell you about leveraging Time Clock Wizard’s reports and software for expense reimbursement.

Collecting reports, tracking employee hours, all of those manual administrative tasks are being made easier by software. Expense reimbursement is no different. Managing remote employees and their expenses is particularly challenging because of the natural strain on communication. Software lessens that strain and will solve your problems, sometimes before they present themselves.

Removing Unnecessary Extra Steps

Simplifying any aspect of your business requires the removal of steps that just create clutter and confusion. Whether it requires the combining of redundant aspects of your process or the total removal of things like collecting paperwork and emails, we understand that time is money and, these administrative tasks can become slow, prodding processes.

Expense reimbursement is a process, and when optimized it has multiple benefits. There are two different ways to look at this as a business owner.

As a Manager or Owner

If you are the decision-maker in this type of situation and expense reimbursement is required you have probably thought to yourself, “there must be a better way.”

Once upon a time, a lengthy paper trail of emails, reports, and spreadsheets was on what you had to rely. That is no longer the case. Not with expense reimbursement software.

For Employees

Our software can simplify the process for employees as well. That’s the best part.

Employees enter their expenses as they occur without having to generate extra reports. The steps of emailing the report, organizing it and worrying about it getting approved will be totally removed.

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Organization Made Easy

Huge piles of paperwork and reports cause more trouble than they are worth. Without making the jump to expense reimbursement software, that trouble will never lessen.

Time Clock Wizard’s reimbursement tracking strives to make sure expense reimbursement paperwork becomes a thing of the past. By moving everything online and implementing approval flows that are consolidated and easy to manage, you will be a more organized and more efficient business.

Another thing to keep in mind is your employee-manager relationships. Accepting a slow process for expense reimbursement as a reality of doing business can strain those relationships. We don’t want that.

Getting Employees Reimbursed on Time

Taking a process like expense reimbursement and improving it through the adoption of software will ensure that your employees can get reimbursements for their expense claims approved faster and more efficiently.

Software for expense reimbursement can help push former manual tasks towards automation. When an expense report is added to your system by an employee, the review process is a few clicks away and administering payment requires only a few clicks more.

Expense reimbursement has never been this easy. Getting employees their work-related expenses paid has never been more streamlined.

This valuable feature is just one of the many ways Time Clock Wizard helps your employees help you. Be sure to check out what else our sophisticated software can do by clicking here.

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