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DIY Time Management for Employees

2019-01-13T20:55:57+00:00March 30th, 2015|

Inspiring workers to make the most out of every minute on the clock can be a difficult task. Think about all the time and money that is wasted on trying to train workers, only to see the same patterns of behavior you are trying to correct. Time management for employees can be like herding cats!

Don’t let your workplace be a source of frustration or confusion for any of your workers. Create clear understanding and open the lines of communication with the simple implementation of an online time clock system such as Time Clock Wizard.

Time Management For Employees With These Features

This easy-tod-use system makes it simple to add users, even allow users to self-register into the system, making the process streamlined and smooth. Below is a list of key features from Time Clock Wizard that make business management easier than ever.

Robust Online Scheduling

Creating and customizing the employee work schedule has never been easier. Let the employees take a more active approach with the ability to submit time off request, initiate a schedule change with another employee, or even make a correction to a past time sheet. This makes it easier for workers to communicate their needs with management.

Payroll Generation

As employees use this system to clock in and out on a daily basis, all the hours worked are automatically recorded in the system. All you have to do is specify pay rates for employees and any parameters pertaining to overtime or holiday pay, etc. – that’s it. Time Clock Wizard does the rest. With a simple click of a button, payroll reports are generated.

Employee Time Tracking

Treating this system the same way you would an actual time clock, employees are responsible for logging in and clocking in for work just as they would with a time clock. To insure employees are in the correct location to work, you can designate only certain computers or IP addresses as “ClockPoints” – so they can only use these machines to log in.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 30-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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Mobile Application

In our world of individuality, not every job or workplace is the same. In fact, many workers are used to working on the go or even remotely. With the Time Clock Wizard mobile app, you and your employees can access the system from any device with internet connection. You even have the freedom to allow workers to clock in and out from mobile devices when working out of a traditional office setting.

Sign up for this free time management system today and have instant access to your own, customized and secure account.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 30-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

Discover Time Clock Wizard Now!