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Running a business is difficult, especially if you need to keep track of the time when employees are on the clock. Years ago, people used bulky machines to track everything, but this is no longer necessary. can provide you  the best free time tracking software on the market, and here are all of the reasons why you should use it to your advantage.

Update: Time Clock Wizard has gotten so popular that we needed to hire employees extra employees for customer service. You can still test the software by using one manager and two employees; this way you can try the mechanics of the software.

The Best Free Time Tracking Software is Totally Free for Testing

You would think that something that is as useful as this software would cost you a great deal of money, yet you can get your hands on it without paying a cent. Test making schedules and creating payroll amounts.

This type of advanced web application generally comes as a free trial or with many not-so-clear conditions that need to be met.

The good thing about this online software is that you will have to pay the same amount whether you use it for five minutes or five years – nothing.

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No Installation is Required

One problem that many people have with some of the time tracking apps that are available is that they require files to be installed on your system.

Not only does this put your system at risk if you are not very familiar with the vendor, but some of these files are quite large and may take up space that you do not have.

Once you sign up for the best free time tracking software, there will never be a need to download anything; everything you need will be immediately available to you at your customized URL.

The Site is Secure

This may not seem like such a huge deal, but the reality is that time tracking sometimes involves using sensitive employee information.

You do not want any of this to become compromised and end up in the wrong hands. Trusting any old site means that you have to trust the company that is in charge of their servers, and sometimes this can be iffy. is in charge of their own servers, which means that they are the only ones with access to your information. The best free time tracking software is right here.

Self Registration Is Available

While it may seem simple enough to sign up a few people to the site, this can be quite a task if you run a company that has numerous employees.

This is the best free time tracking software since you are given the option of creating a unique password and giving it to any employee that needs to sign up.

Since this means that they will be able to register when they get a chance, it will free up plenty of time for you to get to all your other responsibilities.

There are quite a few time tracking programs available these days, but none of them have the same wide-range of features offered by (Sign up by clicking that link.)

You can get the most out of the program without having to invest any money into it. This is a free, quick and simple way for you to track your employees schedules and payroll without any hassle with the best free time tracking available.

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