Keeping Track Of Employee Hours

You may be familiar with the phrase “working yourself to death”. If you’re running a rapidly-growing company, you can probably sympathize with that sentiment being expressed! As a workforce expands beyond its first few employees, time tracking and employee payroll suddenly becomes far more difficult. Weathering this hump and keeping track of employee hours properly is extremely important for any business that wants to continue growing.

Modern Time Keeping Problems Call For Modern Solutions

Time keeping is pretty straightforward for companies with few employees or those that work consistent shifts. These days, however; many workers complete their tasks in less conventional ways with varying shifts and possible remote locations.

Telecommuters, field workers, sales people, temporary employees, and workers in other categories all present their own unique challenges. Keeping track of employee hours in these tricky situations can be difficult if you rely on nothing more than good old paper timesheet templates. Making a record of employee hours that’s actually accurate might even be impossible the old-fashioned way. Clearly, you need to harness the power of modern information technology to solve this dilemma.

Keeping Track of Employee Hours without Breaking the Bank

Some small business owners break out in a sweat whenever computer software is mentioned. Never fear! You’ll be pleased to learn that your time keeping needs can be met with online software packages that are sometimes absolutely free. There are several robust online time clock sites that make it easy for your employees and your financial professionals to keep track of hours worked. While a lot of time clock software packages hold back advanced features for the exclusive use of paying customers, you’d be astonished at what you can accomplish without spending a dime!

Time Clock Wizard: An Example of the Benefits of Online Tools is an excellent example of a very strong online time keeping system that is absolutely free. When implementing this easy system, your main responsibility is setting up your account properly and giving the system all the parameters needed to calculate employee hours. After that, operation is incredibly simple for both employees and payroll personnel. Whether it’s a matter of tracking different hourly rates, holding onto fractional time, including expenses and mileage, or making one-time adjustments, Time Clock Wizard juggles all the mathematics behind the scenes and minimizes the amount of effort you and your employees need to put in.

Customizing Your Time Tracking Solution

The real benefits of an advanced tool like Time Clock Wizard will become apparent when you see what kind of hoops it can make your employees’ information jump through. Want a simple dashboard that shows you who’s been working when, and where? No problem! Do you want to reduce the effort that goes into formulating payroll every pay period? With the right instructions, this service can actually generate payroll automatically. Thanks to how easy it is to use, Time Clock Wizard also makes an excellent scheduler. Employees can enter time in either the past or the future, creating an easy-to-digest record of where your company’s efforts are really being directed.

Small businesses face plenty of challenges if they intend to grow and thrive. Don’t let the record-keeping necessities of an expanding workforce limit the pace of your business! Look into the free online time keeping options that make the process painless and transparent. With a little help from the right tools, you can eliminate uncertainty and ensure greater accuracy of employee time records.

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