Payroll Time Clock Software

The best part of working is getting paid, unless you’re the one calculating payroll.  The weekly, biweekly, or monthly mountain of paperwork is not only a huge hassle, but a major cost to your business.  Time card management results in lost time that could be better spent managing other tasks and problems. Inevitable errors take time and money to correct.

Even with the most efficient systems in place, inaccurate reporting by unscrupulous employees can result in a major drain on resources.  Fortunately, there are many payroll time clock software systems to help track employee hours and assist with payroll calculations. Here is one that takes the gold!

Free Payroll Time Clock Software that Works!

One great example of payroll time clock software is It’s free! has an array of features to help managers schedule employees and track employee hours. Some of the best features include:

Email and Text Features

Managers can notify employees when schedules are made or changed. Additionally, managers can receive updates via text or email when employees clock in or out. This gives managers an instantaneous understanding of who is on the job at any given time. Employees can also request a shift switch through the software.

Employee Management

With payroll time clock software, managers can easily monitor employee hours and payroll.  Automation helps eliminate clerical error and ensures that employees accurately report their hours.  The application will notify managers if employees try to change their clock in/out times, and will also keep track of employees clocking in at times they are not scheduled to work.

Payroll Calculation

Managers just select a start and end date for the pay period and the report is instantly generated.  The software can also manage overtime hours and expense reimbursement.  Best of all, reports are automatically generated making compliance and data analysis a breeze.

Reporting and Payroll Calculation Made Easy

Products like Time Clock Wizard utilize technology to make time clock reporting and payroll calculation easy, accurate, and painless. In addition to a wealth of helpful features, this free software is private, secure, and convenient to use. Gone are the days of spending endless hours managing paper time cards and complicated spreadsheets. Payroll time clock software will save employers, managers, and HR professionals’ time and money. Couldn’t you use a little more of both?

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