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It is an important function of Time Clock Wizard to generate payroll reports for your human resources departments. This software as a service (SaaS) makes generating payroll more efficient. The result is less time utilized by payroll departments.

For our Video Friday, Melissa Ruy is giving another tutorial about a service offered with Time Clock Wizard. Melissa is a very helpful staff member who made this video for you.

Generating Payroll with Time Clock Wizard

Hello everyone, It’s Melissa with time clock support, and today we’re gonna go over generating payroll.

So I’m on our payroll page and I got here by clicking the payroll tab on the left sidebar.

Select Location

And the first thing you want to do is select your location. If you want to generate payroll for the different locations that you have separately, you can choose it right here [in drop down menu under “select office”].

If you only have one location, you would just keep it at “All”.

And you can generate for all your locations on one payroll or just for your one location.

Select Pay Type

The second thing you want to do is select the pay type. So depending on your business structure, you might have a weekly payroll, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly and we also have a custom option.

Depending what you choose here [select dates pull down menu], these dates will change.

If for any reason you don’t find your date in the drop down here, you can always select a custom and select the date range that you want to process.

So for me, I want to process the semi-monthly payroll; and I want to do the 16th through the 29th of last month.

I click [Generate Payroll Button] but…oops…I get this message saying basically that I already generated payroll for those days which I have. You can see them down here.

How to fix minor Payroll Error

So, down here this payroll list will show you all the payroll that you’ve already generated in the past. And it will always stay here so you can always revert back to it or refer back to it or delete it and redo it  – whatever you need to do.

So since I have already generated payroll for those dates, I am going to go ahead and select the next option which is the 1st through the 15th.

And we have an issue here as well. The reason being it that today is actually March 15th, and we have some employees that are still clocked in,

So in order for you to generate payroll for today, you need to make sure all of your employees are clocked out for the day so that the system can get all the totals of the needs.

So because I’m going on vacation today when I when I leave and I will be back for another week, and I just want to you know pay my employees. And I had a time and then come back and give them the 15th when I get back in town.

And they are okay with that!

Creating Custom Dates

So I go ahead and select custom.

And then I’m put in my date range (for yesterday before), and I click generate payroll.

Payroll errors Found

So the system will automatically let me know if they feel that there may be any errors within the time sheet.

For example, this employee was clocked in for 75 hours and then this one was clocked in for 145 hours. You can go ahead and check out these dates on the timesheet tab and change them if you need to.

But if you feel that they’re correct, you can just override it and click generate payroll.

Deleting Payroll Report

And there we have it! So, we have our payroll and of course you can delete it at any time; that does not mean you’re deleting your timesheets or your employees’ records.

It is just deleting the payroll that you generated.

Printing out Payroll Report

If you want to go ahead and print the report and send it to your account or just look it over, you can select the print button [blue icon far right of row].

You can export it into these different formats [drop down “Select a format”]. I am going to select PDF and [Export].

And there we have it! So, you have all your totals. It just lets you know that overtime was calculated for each week. It also breaks down per employee per day with a total hours worked for.

And that’s it.

Payroll Trouble-shooting Option 1

There’s only two reasons why you may stumble on payroll.
One of those reasons is because in your “Settings” [left menu – wrench icon] (under “Business Settings”) you want to make sure that under the [payroll and overtime tab] you selected to create correct date for what was the date of the last day of your last pay period.
So whatever this date is here [pre-filled date box] needs to be before the date you’re starting – you need to generate the start date for the payroll you’re trying to process now.

Example of common Error

 So for example, we just did March 1st, so it needs to be 29th of February or before (or else you get an error message saying that you needed to mark sure this date is correct.)

Set up Overtime

This is where you would want to set up any overtime that your company offers.

Customizing employee options – Global

In addition to that, we allow you to customize your employees so that “Business Settings” is a global setting for everyone in your company, but let’s  say you have 10 employees and 2 of those employees you don’t want to offer them the ability to get overtime.
Well, here’s where you can set it up globally for everybody.

Customizing employee options – Not Global

And then under the employee’s profile [“Employee” left menu – person icon], they also have a payroll tab that you can customize that particular employee to reflect whatever benefits they get as far as payroll goes.
So, if you want to pay your employee for break or if you don’t you can select this particular employee does not get paid for breaks. For this particular employee, we don’t want to allow them to have overtime.

Generate Payroll Trouble-Shoot Option 2

So this is where you might come into another issue: if you notice someone not getting payroll calculated on their payroll report but everyone else is.
So just make sure your settings are correct, and everything should run pretty smoothly.

Payroll Conclusion

And that’s pretty much payroll.
So, if you guys have any questions at any time, you can always click the [?] at the top of your screen and it will give you a quick tutorial of each page and each section.
And of course you can click the “Chat Now” [button] and ask as many questions as you need.
We’re always here to help {Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 EST), and we hope you guys are really enjoying the time. Thanks so much.
If you still need to sign up for your free trial, you can do that here by clicking the link.

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