How to Organize Office Schedules to give Incentives for Positive Advancement

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How to Organize Office Schedules to give Incentives for Positive Advancement

When you organize office schedules, it is a good idea to know what kind of schedules you can utilize. Employees need to know when and where they need to be as well as their assigned job duties.

Managers need to know who is under their supervision. And the CFO is going to want to know that the company is getting their return on investment.

In the last post, we covered these topics:

Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking Made Simple.

Looking for a scheduling and time tracking solution that your workers will find easy to use? With advanced features such as one click payroll reporting and task management, Time Clock Wizard is a great fit for almost any sized company.

  • Jobs and task assignments
  • Trading schedules
  • Office meetings

Other items that require thoughtful scheduling are:

  • Trade conferences
  • Continuing education
  • Off-hour parties

With the advance in time clock tools, managing payroll has gotten to a point where it can be streamlined.

What kind of Schedules do Trade Conferences have?

It is well known that trade conferences is a good place to advertise your business and possibly do employee recruitment. The real meet and greet happens at the “after conference parties” where representatives can really get to know strategic partners personally.

Given this, it is important to make sure your employees are compensated for every hour they are representing your brand. This is where Time Clock Wizard has an advantage over traditional time scheduling methods.

An employee can clock in and out from anywhere there is internet access. They can also quickly input the amounts related to their expense reports in real time.

What are Continuing Education Units and Schedules good for?

In order to be competitive, employees must continue taking classes called “continuing education units”. One of the biggest complaints of human resources is that there is not a verifiable way of  making sure their workers are taking classes.

The other thing to consider is there may be a difference in pay for travel time versus class time. Pay more for classes you really need to have employees take – pay incentives are wonderful for this.

With the IP location and picture options, your employees can show that they are clocking in when starting and ending their class sessions. Even if they are taking classes online from home, they can be making a time-stamped schedule as required by law.

What about Off-hour Parties?

This is something that employees get upset about. Even though off-hour parties (like the yearly Xmas Office Party) may not be required, they are socially required. Employers should think about paying employees for time spent at off-hour business parties. Realistically, employees are away from their families while at these events.

Time Clock Wizard helps with that, too. When employees show up at the correct times, they can log in and out of the Internet App easily. If employees receive any awards, they can also input that data right into their account.

Organize Office Schedules no matter where Employees need to Go

Doing the scheduling for employees can be difficult without thinking about the various ways that employees can be scheduled.

Posted schedules are important for employees to know when and where they are expected.

Schedules also give a heads up to managers how many people are going to be under their supervision at any given time.

Time Clock Wizard is free to sign up for and try out.



Stop Wasting Time and Losing Money.

Time Clock Wizard Tracks Employee Time For FREE!