Hourly Timesheet Calculator

Keep your business running smoother than ever with the free employee time clock from Time Clock Wizard. Use advanced tools such as hourly timesheet calculator, payroll generation and online scheduling to make your job easier. If you own a business, then you know how important it is to keep an accurate record of employee hours worked. Here are some benefits and reasons you should be using this online software to your advantage.

Accurate Time Measure The First Time

When you run a business it’s a must to have accurate time tracking software. You need to know when your employees are working, when breaks are being taken, and exactly what you owe each person at the end of the pay period. If you are just a few minutes off, you can lose a lot of money each year, making it tough to expand your business.

When Just Starting

Sometimes when people first start working for a company, or even if they’ve been there a while, they may try to test the system and get paid for doing nothing. If you can’t prove they’re telling a lie due to inefficient time tracking then you may have to pay them for hours they didn’t work. Plus, this type of situation can really get ugly because legal problems can arise.

While On The Job

While you may think it’s best to just let an employee keep track of their own time on paper, or that you should do it, this is not the best use of labor. Let’s say every day you’re letting a minute or two get counted towards a paycheck, just because there is a problem with a clock you’re checking to get the time. If you think about how everyone getting a couple of extra minutes added to their checks all year long could add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Time Clock Wizard is efficient due to immediate machine translation of the timeclock.

This Hourly Timesheet Calculator Is The Best!

Don’t allow employees to get away with clocking in and out for lunch and taking far too much time. While you may think that people are being honest with you, that’s when you may start getting taken advantage of. When you have an employee, for instance, that starts to stay out for lunch an extra 15 minutes, then your other employees that follow the rules may start to get angry and feel like they’re not being properly treated. By using our software you can track everyone and learn who isn’t following your rules regarding break times.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of using Time Clock Wizard’s hourly timesheet calculator, you can go visit www.TimeClockWizard.com and start using their free service instantly!

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