Web Timeclock

More and more organizations are seeing the advantage of utilizing a web timeclock to keep better track of employee hours, the schedule and payroll.

Time sheets have always been cumbersome and, worse, subject to human error. Traditional time management devices require employees be at a specific spot to clock in and out. As employees will tell you, this can be an annoyance. And as any supervisor or manager knows, this doesn’t maximize productivity as employees will stop working early so they can be at the time clock when it’s time to leave.

Manage Schedules Like A Boss

Every organization could benefit from a web time clock like Time Clock Wizard. This is an original, full featured, FREE web application that has a broad range of scheduling capabilities that include switching, editing and replication. Time Clock Wizard is a platform that can manage schedules, benefits and notifications within a single solution, an advanced and easy-to-use system for tracking employee time.

Shift Planning Made Easy

This web time clock simplifies employee shift planning. Eliminate the possibility of miscommunication as employees can use Time Clock Wizard to set up shift changes. Once approved by managers, the system will automatically update all schedules and send out notifications via text or email. Time Clock Wizard is customizable and is able to monitor pay rates, reimbursements, overtime, absences and generate payroll reports. It can also be beneficial to productivity as employees are likely to keep working longer knowing clocking out is as simple as using the nearest computer.

It Is So Simple

A web timeclock makes time tracking and automation simple for everyone. Time Clock Wizard can keep an eye on employee leaves, vacation and sick days, accruing and dispensing them as needed. It helps management know when their employees are on the job without necessarily having to physically find them. It also ensures managers don’t make errors in scheduling as Time Clock Wizard will not let them plan to use employees that will be on out on already approved days.

Get Control With This Web Timeclock

With Time Clock Wizard operating in real time, the organization has control and visibility without all the potential hassles of time management. From easily and quickly capturing information for reports to tracking billable expenses, this is a web timeclock with the level of detail that will match any operation without the man hours once required to manage even the smallest staff. This web timeclock is to payroll what speech synthesis is to Suri – you’ll wonder why you did not get this software before.

This solution is going to make everyone’s life easier. Feel free to browse the site and learn all the advantages your organization would get from using a free web timeclock like Time Clock Wizard.

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