Employee Dashboard

Using the employee dashboard is intuitive with Time Clock Wizard. This dashboard makes it easy for management to see the flow of their workforce in one, convenient location.

If you are new to the employee dashboard or you are just needing a refresher, the video and transcript are available below.

Also, we know that managers get busy from time to time and just need a quick reminder of what to do next. This video series is also for you. The previous video featured scheduling employees.


Hi everyone. This is Melisa with Time Clock support and today we going to go over your dashboard.

So this is your dashboard. You have a nice little blue widget here that gives you your company name.

This little pencil over here helps you to put a little welcome message over here or reminder for all your employees to see. You can make the text red or bold or whatever you feel like doing.

Going over Pending Requests

Then you have your Pending Requests. This just kind of like a central station for managers to know what needs to be done.

For example, we have one pending request, time sheet request that needs to be approved by management so that it can actually apply.

So this is when employees want to change the time or request a time that maybe they forgot to clock in and in order for it to apply you need to approve it as a manager.

So I just approved by checking the little green check mark or you could do decline by clicking the red X.

So let me go back to my Dashboard and I have zero pending requests.

Clock In Error Reminders

You have four Possible Clock in Errors. This is just to let you know that this person. They work 75 hours, 145 hours, 25 hours. The system will automatically let you know anything over 13 hours in one 24 hour period.

Requests for Days off or Absences

This one will let you know if you have any Absences Request.

So if your employee is requesting vacation time or any type of time off, you can approve it or decline it. I approved that one.

So that one is finished and usually managers will go through this list once a day or once a week to make sure everything is up to par.

All Employee Time Sheet Overview

This timesheet to verify gives you an overview of everyone’s timesheet.

You can see it over in one place. If you require Clock in Image you can see here and you can verify all of them at the same time, just letting the system know that these Clock ins are okay.

When it comes to generating payrolls you are good to go.

Those are done.

Employee Clock in Stats

Alright. Then we go over to Who’s in Stats. These basically will let you know on your schedule how many employees were scheduled for today, how many are clocked in right now and how many clocked in as a total for today.

So you’ll know you have five scheduled employees today. Only one is clocked in now and only two have clocked in for today. You are missing three employees.

You can click any of these and just kind of see what’s going on. Like in who’s in, you can see a list of who’s in. Nobody is in right now for me but you can click on that and I’ll just give you some information.

Your Tasks to Manage

The My Task which is basically that will let you know what tasks are assigned to you and that need to be completed. Also what task you assigned to other people that have not been completed.

Live Stream of Time Clock Action

The Live Stream is just an overview of what is going on in the back end of your time clock.

So it’ll let you know when something has been approved or declined, when someone is clocked in, when somebody is clocked out, when somebody is on a break, all sort of different types of things.

When someone creates a task or finishes a task you can just go through the live stream and sort of check it out.

Payroll and Hours Graphs

You have two graphs down here and one is basically letting you know for that particular day, the 15th, what you can expect the Payroll for that day based on the hours worked and the payroll wage you entered on the employee’s profile.

You can change the graph to another type of graph. Whatever you’ll be comfortable with.

Time Card Overview

Then you have My Time Card. My time card is when you clock in and out. It lets you know that information here.

It lets you know this a time Clock In Out type Clock in.

It’s a break and it’ll let you know it’s a break.

It lets you know the IP address for the clock in and the clock out.

You get you totals down here. How many times Clock in hours you worked, how many breaks you work and absence for that pay period.

Whenever you generate a payroll, it automatically clears this out and starts a new fresh Time Card.

Upper Employee Dashboard Features

You have your Quick Add for your employees.

You have your Messages. So you can always click here when the bell is rings as it is right here. It says two which means you have two messages.

You can always send a message by clicking here.

This is another overview of your pending requests which is just a little reminder and this is your tasks as well.

This little question mark is so that you can have a quick tutorial of the icons and the widgets if you ever need a little reminder of any kind. You can access that on any page.

Here is your Clock-In button.  Once you click Clock-In, it’ll change to Start break and Clock-Out. So you are able to start your break now or Clock-Out depending on, you know, what you do in your business.

So that’s your Dashboard.

So if you have any questions you can always click the live chart down at the bottom and feel free to ask us any questions. We hope you guys are enjoying the Time Clock and thanks so much. Have a wonderful day.

Employee Dashboard Conclusion

The Employee Dashboard from Time Clock Wizard is one of the best features of this software as a service. The efficiency of taking care of the employees in this manner frees up time for managers to work on other projects.

Time Clock Wizard is an incredible return in investment just with time saved alone! The Pre-scheduler is another great feature to try out. If you have not had a chance to try Time Clock Wizard for free, click this link.

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