Employee Work Management System

If your company is large enough to have employees, you need an employee work management system to help you. A good system will allow you to track and manage a wide variety of schedule and payroll related tasks. Not only will this simplify your record keeping, but also, you will save time by allowing the system to process this information for you.

Time Clock Wizard is a fantastic tool that many business owners have found useful. One of the advantages is that you will not need to download any software. Functioning as a free web application, you and your employees can access Time Clock Wizard from any device with internet connection. Of course, you can make it mandatory that employees are only able to clock in and out on certain devices or IP addresses, so that you do not need to worry about someone clocking in from the beach.

Getting Started is Very Easy

Scheduling your employees is easy with this online software. First, an employee profile needs to be created for each user. Your employees can self-register or you can enter the information yourself. Then, you can create a schedule based upon your needs. Whether you have designed one for a week or an entire month, this employee work management system allows you to copy and paste it onto the next slot if you wish. Then, you can keep it the same or make revisions as you see fit.

Customize Notifications

Time Clock Wizard allows for several customization options to achieve the system you need. For instance, you can have it alert you when an employee does not clock in or out at the appropriate time. This can allow you to more closely monitor troublesome situations. Alternatively, you can receive notifications for all employee actions.

Customize Employee Information

You can have the company logo appear on the login screen. Also, you can customize the system in regards to the type of employee information that is retained and tracked through the system. This software will also round the clock in and out times to the nearest tenth or quarter of an hour if you have selected that option.

Customize Data Fields for Reimbursements

Time Clock Wizard allows your employees to enter data for reimbursement for mileage, food and more. Image upload for receipt verification can be implemented in order to reimburse expenses. Additionally, workers may easily switch shifts should the need arise. One employee sends a request to the other. When it is approved, the system automatically reflects the changes to the schedule, making this tool far more time efficient than other systems for remuneration.

This Employee Work Management System Works Wonders

Using this tool will make payroll operations a breeze. Enter the dates of the pay period and you will receive a detailed report that includes compensation for mileage and other expenses. Employees will see their overtime pay and any earnings toward paid time off. In addition, you can use it to look for issues such as chronic tardiness.

When you use a system to help manage the time of your employees, it streamlines the operation of your business. Time Clock Wizard is one of the best choices on the market. From scheduling to payout, this tool will help you create a smoother management style.

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