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Accurate timekeeping and employee attendance monitoring are important tasks for any small business. Even with the most honest, conscientious and dependable employees, keeping track of weekly scheduling, shift changes, sick leave, and other similar issues can get complicated quickly. With the countless tasks faced by every small business, it’s important to maximize efficiency and minimize potential distractions. When it comes to efficiently, Time Clock Wizard is hands down the best web based time cock software there is.

Move That Timeclock To The Web

One excellent way to do that is with web based time clock software. Programs such as Time Clock Wizard can help your business run smoother in a multitude of ways. From creating and editing payroll reports to tracking attendance and missed days, this proven software application can significantly cut down on confusion and wasted time.

It Is Free

Time Clock Wizard is more than just another choice in web applications. It integrates a number of related, valuable functions into a single, cohesive user interface. In addition, you can start using it today for free.

Customized Communications

One huge advantage the program has over many existing solutions is the ability to send customized email or text message alerts whenever an employee clocks in or out. This makes it easy and convenient to monitor the comings and goings of your workers, whether at your desk, at home, or from a hotel on the other side of the globe. This is far in advance of the optical scanners that have been the standard for quite a while.

Payroll Overtime Reporting All In One

Another outstanding feature of this leading online time clock is payroll and overtime reporting. Rather than having to use a separate application, you can accurately determine payroll and overtime with just a click from within Time Clock Wizard.

Keep Track Of Time Off Efficiently

The program’s reporting abilities don’t end there, though. You can make detailed, customized reports of everything from worker absences to clock in and out locations to sick time use and much more. In addition, Time Clock Wizard makes it easy to keep track of PTO (paid time off) benefits.

Web Based Time Clock Software Is Ideal For All Operations

If your business employs multiple offices, warehouses, or other physical locations, Time Clock Wizard is the ideal business management solution. The program will automatically keep track of what site each employee clocks in and out from. The unique ClockPoints feature allows you to restrict which locations an employee can or cannot clock in from. This removes any worry that employees may not be where they are supposed to be.

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