Timekeeping and Attendance

These days, it’s not just enormous corporations that have to worry about keeping employee time and attendance records straight. Thanks to the flexible working schedules that modern employers and employees enjoy, even a company with just a few employees can face a bewildering labyrinth of special concerns that have to be addressed by its timekeeping process.

Without accurate records of employee attendance and working hours, it becomes difficult to pay them properly and harder to bill clients for their services. Even though maintaining reliable timekeeping and attendance records is supremely important, few companies can afford to devote more resources to this process than are absolutely necessary.

The Challenges of Scale and Complexity for Timekeeping and Attendance

The timekeeping challenges facing a modern workplace are twofold. One is simply a matter of scale: Companies with hundreds of employees still need to track what all of their employees were doing, and when. At large scales, it’s not so much the actual logging of time that gets difficult; it’s the organizing of the records, so they remain useful.

Companies with a wide range of employees working in different ways, at different times, for different rates, face a further challenge. Putting the burden of accuracy on the employee eats up time that they could be using productively. Leaving the entire problem up to the accounting department, though, is a sure way to lose any hope of accuracy.

The Value of an Online Solution

Modern technology offers some great tools for overcoming these challenges. Online timekeeping software can take a lot of the guesswork out of timekeeping and attendance, and the right programs are incredibly easy to use. A cloud-based Internet solution like Time Clock Wizard shows off the full potential of modern timekeeping.

Know When And Where

Accurate attendance records are easy to create, because employees can be restricted to clocking in only at approved locations. For field employees, GPS-enabled phones and mobile devices make it equally easy to record exactly where an employee clocked in, as well as, when.

Clean Interface For Recording

Where a full-featured program like Time Clock Wizard really shines is in its simplicity. The rules governing timekeeping are input once by the accounting team that handles the payroll. All employees see is what they need: A clean interface for clocking in and clocking out, and simple options to handle special cases like expenses or mileage.

Simple Communications

Built-in communications features mean that employees can help the payroll team resolve errors right inside the timekeeping software, keeping all associated data inside the system.

Saving Time by Keeping It Properly

Although it can take some time to set up a smart timekeeping like Time Clock Wizard properly, the results are well worth the effort. Generating standard payroll printouts becomes a task that takes nothing more than a mouse click once Time Clock Wizard knows all the proper rules. Managers can quickly survey their subordinates’ time records using real-time dashboards, making it easy to see who’s working on what and where they are.

With a really well-constructed implementation, Time Clock Wizard even becomes a scheduling program, forecasting future work as well as recording work that’s already been done. A standardized, fully integrated online solution takes almost all of the guesswork out of the timekeeping process.

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