What are the Aspects of Employment Covered by Law

What are the aspects of employment covered by law? In order to have a decent human resources department, the staff of HR must know employment law.

Employment law is something that HR needs to put into a training plan. A lower-level staffer could give advice based off their opinion. That can have real financial set-backs for the company as a whole.

The Chief Human Resources Officer is the guard of the entire company. Even if it is against the CEO of the organization if that person is violating employment laws.

This is a very difficult position to be in because HR is required to “bite the hand that feeds them” in order to save the whole company.

What do Employment Lawyers do?

HR needs to know when they are contacted by an employment lawyer on behalf of one of your workers; HR should not speak with that worker again. You will want the lawyers from your company to speak directly with the other employment lawyer.

In the meantime, gather as much paperwork as you can (including all notes on manager meetings as well as email transactions with that employee).

Employment lawyers will look at what the worker says with whatever evidence they have and match it to current employment law standards (or the standards when the employee was employed). If there is something to act on, the lawyer will move forward and usually try for a settlement out of court.

Labor issues like unpaid overtime is a common complaint as companies tend not record the actual time stamp when someone clocks in before the time card is adjusted for schedule. Time Clock Wizard allows for your company to time stamp and adjust with ease.

What are the Aspects of Employment Covered by Law?

  • Protection of the Individual
    • Consent
      • Alcohol drug test
      • Vaccine consent
      • Model consent
      • Ability to record employee
    • Privacy
      • Health (HIPAA)
      • Investment strategies
    • Employee versus Contractor
      • Personal space and belongings
      • Who owns what
  • Protection of Groups
    • “At will”
    • National labor relations (unions and protected concerted activities)
    • American disabilities protection
    • Affirmative action (“quotas”)
    • Equal opportunity (gender, age, nationality, etc.)

And more…

What Employment Laws apply to Small Business?

This really depends of your local, state, and federal laws. It is best to learn the employment laws that could apply to you once you reach the employment threshold.

A business may have contractors re-assigned as employees and then are in violation of the law retroactively (after the fact). It is best to comply with as many laws as you can.

Time Clock Wizard was designed with this in mind to help you monitor the hours and assignments of your employees and contractors.

Why is a Group of Employees Protected When Others Are Not?

In Conclusion of Employment Law

The top person in the human resources department is responsible to make sure that employment law is carried out for their businesses. The main complaint of workers is not paying the agreed upon amount. This causes workers to seek out employment lawyers that in turn raises the legal fees of the company.

It is very good for everyone involved with employees to be kept up-to-date with employment law. Training ad proper instruction are the keys to employment law compliance.

Time Clock Wizard makes an online time clock that time stamps when and where employees clock in and out as well as other HR functions.


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