How much money has your business given away in miscalculated payroll? Businesses around the world are guilty of miscalculating payroll hours on a regular basis. Managers need to calculate payroll hours on the run.

It is a common mistake and it can end up costing thousands for small businesses, and potentially millions of dollars with larger companies. This fact makes it essential to have a robust solution in place that is able to accurately keep track of what is being done by the employees and how many hours they are clocking.

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The importance of a tool that is able to calculate payroll hours cannot be overstated.  Here are some of the reasons why Time Clock Wizard is the best program for calculating payroll hours:


Calculating this information is one thing, but it is those errors and little slip ups along the way that can do the most damage in terms of financial loss. These errors have a direct impact on the business and its budget, so why not work on improving accuracy immediately?

Using a reliable method for payroll calculation makes it easy to sit back and relax as all payroll hours are tallied and payroll is generated. It does not get easier than this for those who want something that is simple to understand and works consistently.


Businesses have so many details to look at and payroll hours are not the biggest thing on their plate. When this is the case, it becomes even more important to efficiently record this information and have it on hand to make tweaks. If this information is regularly being delayed and/or incorrectly recorded, it adds unnecessary stress on the business as a whole. Efficiency is the name of the game in a business world with margins tightening and competition getting better as time goes on. As this is the case, it is a good strategy to get ahead of the pack with a tool of this nature.

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There are many solutions available to calculate payroll hours. However, most are just not as effective, such as manually tabulating clock ins and outs. There is a clear lack of speed in how this information is recorded and that can put numerous hurdles up for businesses that are looking to optimize their processes. When all of the time is being spent on looking at payroll hours of employees, it can choke production for the rest of the business.

Management is always looking into ways to improve amount of hours worked. What better way to do this than to go with an automated payroll calculation tool?

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When looking to accurately calculate payroll hours, businesses will end up looking long and hard without a solution in sight. They will be seen asking around and they will always end up coming back to an automated solution that is comprehensive.

Smart businesses rely on their ability to calculate and relay information. The benefits that have been listed here are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value that is brought to the table when using Time Clock Wizard for accurate and reliable payroll hours calculation. Now that is how you calculate payroll hours.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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