There is more than just keeping track of your employees’ attendance and daily reliability. Other than tracking the number of hours each employee spends each day in the office, it is also important that you are aware if one is on a vacation, sick leave, or if they’re working on a different schedule for the current time period. Additionally, business owners would also want to know which project(s) an employee is working on. Thus, the importance of using a daily attendance software has never been more imperative. This is where you get daily attendance software free download access.

Benefits of Time Clock Wizard

Other than having the ability to automatically log clock ins and outs, here are some of the advantages why every small to medium-sized business owner would benefit from attendance software.

Accessible Anywhere

Ditch the old-fashioned punch clock and revert to a newer version of logging employee hours. By utilizing a daily attendance system, you and your employees can easily access the program from any web-connected computer.

It Is Free offers a completely free daily attendance system that small and medium-sized business owners can take advantage of. There is no download required – all that you need is a browser and an active internet connection to be able to log in and see the control panel or dashboard.

Easy To Use

Time Clock Wizard’s dashboard is straightforward and simple to navigate and use. If someone wants to log in, all that they need to do is visit their control panel and click a simple button. Employers, managers, and supervisors included, can monitor their employees, check who’s on and who’s not and even perform employee scheduling within a few clicks – all of that is done from a simple web browser.

The problem with other attendance software applications is that you need to download and run a program in order to access the dashboard. doesn’t work that way – and many business owners enjoy this feature – simple, reliable and certainly time-saving…and that’s a plus for every business.

Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

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Minimizes Errors

How many of you have to deal with errors which are human-related? If you are relying on the manual input of your employees’ clock ins and outs, the margin for errors is very high. Avoid these types of mistakes and improve accuracy with an online timesheet, time recorder, and payroll manager rolled into one.

Time Saver

Admit it – you hate doing the same thing over and over again… and manually keying in your employees’ hours can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if your business is starting to grow. Don’t waste time doing such things. Why bother, when Time Clock Wizard keeps these daunting tasks off your hands?

Generates Payroll Automatically

Aside from recording daily employee attendance, the aforementioned system can also generate payroll and computes everyone’s salary depending on the number of hours worked. As an employer, you can set overtime rates, rounding off, vacation and sick leaves in addition to many other handy features.

Track Employees’ Hours In And Out Of The Office

Managing your home-based business is difficult, especially if you can’t monitor your employees’ hours. Checking the logged hours of a salesperson who needs to go outside the office to generate sales is difficult to manage manually. This is the reason why Time Clock Wizard developed a program that allows you to track hours, regardless of where your employees are. If their position requires driving or other types of travel, TCW offers mobile access too – which is a great advantage for both employers and employees.

Daily Attendance Software Free Download Access

Tracking everyone’s time is an essential factor when running a business – big or small. Don’t settle with the old methods of monitoring everyone’s daily progress and hours spent with outdated time tracking software. Those methods are too time-consuming and can be complicated too. Check to gain FREE access to your daily attendance software program.

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Employee Scheduling & Time Tracking Made Simple

All Plans Have A 14-Day Trial. No Credit Cards Required.

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