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The Right Virtual Assistant Can Innovate Your Business

Being a small business owner or entrepreneur takes a certain level of work ethic. Most who start small and build something that lasts end up putting a lot of time into their plans. This means everything from designing a brand that highlights their vision, to the seemingly trivial tasks that make it all possible. As [...]

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Employee Retention: How to Get and Keep the Best Employees

Ever wonder why some employees stay at companies forever and others leave often? Ever hear that a certain organization "treats their employees well" or "treats their employees poorly?" Organizations and companies are taking an extra look at the importance of employee retention. Employee retention is the act of an organization actively attempting to maintain its [...]

2019-01-10T21:12:46-05:00December 28th, 2018|

Compliance and the Power of Information: Why a Good Record Keeping System Matters

An effective record keeping system is essential to running a successful business. In fact, it's almost impossible for a business to function without one. When it's done right, record keeping can be one of the most valuable management tools your company has. Record keeping is especially important for managing employee information. As such it's a [...]

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The HR Tools Umbrella: An Overview of Human Resources Management Systems

If you work in human resources, you know all too well how many balls you have to keep in the air. It kind of comes with the territory, right? After all, you're dealing with people. You're dealing with their changing needs, their frustrations, and their constant parade of conflicts.  So it's no wonder you've got a hundred [...]

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